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  • sat-on-our-perch sat-on-our-perch Sep 26, 2010 23:41 Flag

    I told u so lyn!!!

    i agree, our defence is losing us points, we should have beaten fulham and everton, whereas today we came from behind, so we could already be top, rooney is struggling yet we are scoring goals, so not much wrong, we went through a spell of conceding cheap goals a few years back, sorted it out, then went on a run, and won the league, so not too concerned given we are still unbeaten
    you played your 1st real team yesterday, lost and couldnt hit a barn door never mind the back of the net, looks ominous to me,
    and i said banana skin as i knew you would lose, you may not have said it, but you meant defeat,
    next week, we will only be 1 point behind, should be 3 ahead, but in time we will be

    • How did u know i meant defeat, when i never said it?
      Potential banana skin means just that, a tricky game which could go either way, and i was proven right, and thought a draw was a fair reflection on the game.
      Don't speak to soon again Lyn about being 1 point behind, as again, you have an even harder game at the Stadium of Light next week.
      Another potential banana skin me thinks, and with your back four being .........As useful as pair of sun glasses on a man with one ear, I predict another score draw.
      Remember i told u so!