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  • Layla Layla Oct 3, 2010 20:19 Flag

    'Normal' points season?

    i think both utd & chelseas standards have lowered about 10% which gives a team like arsenal a shot at the title when really they should be well behind u.

    both chelsea & utd have more weaknesses than they use to.

    utd= apart from vidic, u havent got a reliable CB as rio is injured regularly. u havent got a reliable RB. smalling and or evans may end up being as good but they will need time to develop.
    u need another CM too. & obviously u will be losing scholes & giggs soon who will need replacing. also u prob should get a keeper to take off from van der sar after next season as it will be good if he has time to bed in.

    chelsea= cech isnt what he was & he is still decent but not as reliable. & ur bk up covers are shocking.
    lack of width sometimes when your down the middle power doesnt work especially when u play teams who defend well like city & inter.no plan b for carlo as of yet.
    anelka is not a winger, malouda likes to come inside. no genuine player who will run down the line & whip balls in. althou the young blk player who played in the carling cup looks like he could solve that problem.
    ferriera not good enough but u got boswinga to come back who's good.

    overall still the top 2 teams in england. but both need to start bringing in new players to take over from the ageing ones.