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  • jim w jim w Oct 3, 2010 00:36 Flag

    'Normal' points season?

    Either Chelsea are going to win the league by 10 points or more, or we are probably heading for a 76/78 point season for the champions. I can't make my mind up if its a levelling-up or levelling-down of standards overall. Can't at this stage discount a runaway Chelsea title, but somehow I doubt it.
    Personally I think the pretty awful WC pointed to a general lower standard everywhere not just the EPL.
    Should make things interesting, and points at places like Sunderland et al quite valuable in the final reckoning.

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    • Oh for f*cks sake spursb*tch, I've heard that sh*t you came out with almost verbatim every year since United became number one.

      Say something original or p*ss off!

      United and Chelski's standards have not dropped 10%, thats garbage, if anything the standard is increasing amongst the mediocre clubs, like Spurs, Birmingham, Bolton and Sunderland, making the league more competitive.

      People are complaining about United yesterday, its too much, Sunderland are a tough side to beat at home, so are Bolton, I'd rather go to Anfield these days than either of those places!

      Even Newcastle put 4 past Chelski - and dont tell me they put out a weak side, they dont have one!

      'u will be losing scholes & giggs soon who will need replacing.'

      I love that one, people have been saying it for about 6 years....then when things dont go our way they are 'geriatrics' who are 'past their best'!

      Giggs has been replaced, by Nani, who is currently covering for Valencia on the right. Done.

      VDS needs replacing, but by the sounds of things we're already on top of that one, then there is Scholes, the big one...but we've seen Keane, Ruud, Ronaldo, Stam and Schmeichel all leave, so I wouldn't worry yourself about it!

      In Rafael and Smalling we have two very exciting players to watch develop. Im afraid united will continue to be one of the main title contenders for some time yet!

    • u and chelsea top 2 with arsenal 3rd.

      then 4th spot between us & city again with maybe liverpool, villa or everton also pushing for 4th.
      but what could stop the other 3 is the fact liverpool have too many average players & rely too much on torres & gerrard,
      villa have a good starting 11 but a few injuries & they dont seem to have the squad depth.
      everton i like & are a solid hard working team but maybe they lack a couple of 15+ goals a season player.

      i think we will finish between 4th-6th, hopefully making the 2nd round of the CL & a taking the FA cup seriously & having a good go at that.

    • Chelsea or Manchester United will win the EPL (probably Chelsea). Arsenal will have some good results and, as usual, flatter to deceive. You can get 15/2 on Arsenal to win the League, BTW.

      Anyway, where are your team going to finish this season?

    • No I think chelsea look stronger than ever. I agree though that people shouldnt discount arsenal winning the league

    • i think both utd & chelseas standards have lowered about 10% which gives a team like arsenal a shot at the title when really they should be well behind u.

      both chelsea & utd have more weaknesses than they use to.

      utd= apart from vidic, u havent got a reliable CB as rio is injured regularly. u havent got a reliable RB. smalling and or evans may end up being as good but they will need time to develop.
      u need another CM too. & obviously u will be losing scholes & giggs soon who will need replacing. also u prob should get a keeper to take off from van der sar after next season as it will be good if he has time to bed in.

      chelsea= cech isnt what he was & he is still decent but not as reliable. & ur bk up covers are shocking.
      lack of width sometimes when your down the middle power doesnt work especially when u play teams who defend well like city & inter.no plan b for carlo as of yet.
      anelka is not a winger, malouda likes to come inside. no genuine player who will run down the line & whip balls in. althou the young blk player who played in the carling cup looks like he could solve that problem.
      ferriera not good enough but u got boswinga to come back who's good.

      overall still the top 2 teams in england. but both need to start bringing in new players to take over from the ageing ones.

    • euthanasia beats tablets for mancies suffering denial of their demise!

    • it is certainly a valuable point when you consider our performance.
      should be going home with nothing, only time will tell how valuable