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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 3, 2010 19:17 Flag

    Not as bad as it looks

    All I was saying is that things are not as bleak as some people seem to think they are. If you look at last season out of the 19 away games they played utd only got maximum points from 11 of them, from the other 8 they got only a total of 3 points - so their away games yielded 36 points. Utd have 15 away games left so its still possible for them to get more points away from home thean they did last season. Obviously the sooner they start winning away from home the better but also they the need to avoid the sort of losses they suffered on their travels last season. As for draws being costly - if utd had managed to draw 2 of the 5 games they lost away from home last season they not chelsea would have won the title by 1 point.

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    • "Utd have 15 away games left so its still possible"

      Gosh. If you just stuck to "look, it's early days. We're some points behind Chelsea but don't go imagining they've won it yet" then it would be hard to disagree. But if you're starting on the "it's still possible that..." lines then you must be more worried than I think you should be.

      It's still possible that the CL places are taken by teams starting with W and United, Chelsea and Arsenal get relegated.