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  • Carrick is 29 actually, but the point is he isn't good enough for you. Ferdinand is a fighter and quality player, but its all about his injuries. Owen won't be missed I agree there's much better coming through.

    Yep your youth system is excellent, but its gonna have to be.

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    • i still think scholes & giggs will stay next for 1 more season after this.

      i reckon neville will be the only 1 to retire.

      i still think VDS has another season in him but i guess that depends on how he feels.

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      • It seems that the press don`t understand the difference between the words `might` and `will`. When asked about VDS and retirement utd`s goalkeeping coach Eric Steele said the player might call it a day he didn`t as press reports suggest claim that it would be the Dutchman`s last season. VDS has since come out and rubbished the press reports. My guess is that SAF will want him to stay one more season so he can help his replacement settle in. As for the others I think the most likely player to retire at the end of this season will be Neville, unlike Scholes and Giggs he no longer has a major role to play within the team and I wouldn`t be surprised to see him call it a day and try his hand at mangement. I also think there is a possibility that Brown might leave at the end of the season - he`s finding it difficult to get on the bench let alone in to the 1st team and central defence and right back are positions where utd have several promising players coming through.