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  • Mandy D Mandy D Oct 8, 2010 20:36 Flag

    Finances again...


    Should be a record profit but turned into a huge loss....oh dear...heartbreaking really - wait until the PIKs really kick in....

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    • sorry mandy, im scratching my head a but as im a scrawny skinny southern softie who is actually fat............
      dumb or what. ??

      I was actually talking about finances in this thread but some of your mates have to go off topic all the time

      Funny how Utd fans on here will not discuss finances - all part of the denial

      Ps - a little tip - I am not Mixer

    • sorry mandy, im scratching my head a but as im a scrawny skinny southern softie who is actually fat............
      dumb or what.
      anyway, only the cc last year, plus we were runners up to chelsea which went to the final day of the season, and were heading for the cl semis but for the ref sending off rafael for 2 nothing challenges, especially the second yellow as ribery was pulling his shirt too...............but we move on, we came close, arsenal got nowhere near a trophy mate, have already lost twice, and your here slating a team that has yet to be beaten.
      at least your not on the slide though as we are used to seeing arsenal not winning, so very consistent indeed mate.
      as for the racist, sexist remarks etc......course you know who it is, mixer, your other id pal

      take care and keep the laughs coming m8
      this board would suffer without your hilarity

    • You may want to put the point about worrying about other teams to a large amount of IDs on this Utd board....who are permanently camped on the Arsenal board spouting racist, sexist and homophobic abuse to people who just want to talk football....you know who they are

    • And your beloved Arsenal have won how many trophies in the lst 5 years whilst United were amongst other thing 3 premier league titles.It might be advisable for you to worry about the obvious decline in the fortunes of your team and allow the teams that win trophies to get on with what they do best.
      You know it is not good for your health to allow the success of other teams to completely rule your poor sad life.

    • lol Bebe £7.4m - still makes me laugh - and you could have had him in a free if you had timed it right.
      We all know you had entered a decline when you sold Ronaldo then started losing to the likes of league 1 Leeds at home with a full team out!
      Declines as you are finding out starts off slowly then accelerates. You have had and will sometimes continue to have good days, but as you know, the trend is downwards. Only the CC last year - who knows what this year? And will the fans stay loyal - a big question.
      And, whatsmore, Fergie may not be able to do his usual and spend his way out this time.
      Interesting times ahead for you!

    • not long ago you was dissing smalling, slayer, and bebe has been bought for the future, so why comment on a player that has had 20 mins 1st team action,
      people had the same sniggers when we bought ronaldo remember,
      and it does make me laugh that arsenal fans comment so much on our debts and finances,
      its the only thing that you can clutch at as on the football field, your a poor second, both in present times, and throughout history.
      anyway, united play wba next saturday,
      should we beat them.........ahng your head in shame young man for trying to deflect on this board the reality that arsenal are just not good enough when they have to play a whole game against 11 players


    • obviously a very difficult point of discussion for a Utd fan -but you need to face the fact you are in decline,denial does not really help, we all know what is going to happen to Utd- please at least try to keep to topic, no matter how painful it it for you.
      Bebe - lol!

    • West Bromwich Albion, at HOME!!

    • Glazers? PIKs? Man Utd IOU? Debts? Parallel situation to Liverpool? Interest payments? Reduced to buying the likes of Bebe?

    • West Bromwich Albion.

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