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  • sat-on-our-perch sat-on-our-perch Oct 11, 2010 04:48 Flag

    Finances again...

    sorry mandy, im scratching my head a but as im a scrawny skinny southern softie who is actually fat............
    dumb or what.
    anyway, only the cc last year, plus we were runners up to chelsea which went to the final day of the season, and were heading for the cl semis but for the ref sending off rafael for 2 nothing challenges, especially the second yellow as ribery was pulling his shirt too...............but we move on, we came close, arsenal got nowhere near a trophy mate, have already lost twice, and your here slating a team that has yet to be beaten.
    at least your not on the slide though as we are used to seeing arsenal not winning, so very consistent indeed mate.
    as for the racist, sexist remarks etc......course you know who it is, mixer, your other id pal

    take care and keep the laughs coming m8
    this board would suffer without your hilarity