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  • ian h ian h Oct 20, 2010 02:42 Flag

    Rooney: 'Utd's lack of ambition behind move'

    The worry, for me anyway, is unlike Ronaldo who left to go to Madrid, Rooney just wants out.

    We, whether we like it or just don't care to admit it or not, have a huge problem in midfield. There is no driving force, no Essien, Keane, Viera or Gerrard. But worse there has not been for some years now. Ronaldo , Rooney and Tevez papered over the midfield cracks for some time. Rooney cannot on his own. Our other strikers are good strikers, but they don't do the work Tevez and Ronaldo used to do. Nani is good, Valencia also, Hernandez and Macheda i have high hopes for. I think the future is bright. Even without Wayne, but the fact he wants out confirms all our fears, all is not well at OT. He wants big players signed , he wants to win things. Defensively and offensively i think we are ok now, and with our youth in the near future. But we need the midfield sorting, we need world class centre mids. And to retain the midfieldsers we do have already.

    Its a shame Wayne is leaving, but even without him like this season we still score plenty. The problem is not who replaces him, the problem is why he wants to go.