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  • The Destroyah!!! The Destroyah!!! Oct 21, 2010 01:43 Flag

    Rooney: 'Utd's lack of ambition behind move'

    Maybe I am, Ian. But I feel, if ran properly, you can still win trophies, AND add to your squad w/o having as much as a speed bump. Listen, I'm from the States, and I never understood the hatred the Glazers got, just because they are American. But the way things are going, the players play, the manager manages, and the board puts out the money to the players where they feel will continue success with the club. Players like Chicarito, Smalling, Bebe, etc. will not win trophies now. Those players, if developed properly, will help with success down the road. Guys like Silva, Benzema, Van derVaart, Sneijder, etc. would help win now. The Glazers are trying to find diamonds in the rough with every player. You do that with one or two. Sorry, United isn't heading in the right direction in my opinion, and I'm pissed. If that means I'm spoiled,then I am.