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    Rooney: 'Utd's lack of ambition behind move'



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    • that is 1 of many paper headlines,
      how about you wait for the reason from the player before assumption

    • For years players have gone to Utd to win trophies under Fergie. Rooney realises those days are over. Fergie still has the ambition, but the owners don't.

    • ONE day after my ground-breaking thread, Rooney has now confirmed his reasons ("MAN U'S LACK OF AMBITION AND VERY AVERAGE PLAYERS IN THE CURRENT SQUAD") for wanting to leave the SINKING SHIP.

      yous.b.tangoed........ MILES AHEAD OF THE GAME.

    • Look through my posts (I can't be bothered to). I said Rooney would leave around a year ago, so shut it.

      I don't want United to fail - it is just going to be the inevitable consequence of having the worst owners in the EPL and the worst Chief Exec in Judas Gill.

      And remember I told you the G&G protest was going to fail _ I was right about that too.

      BTW - I have never claimed to know "everything" that goes on at United, but I do live in Manchester, know many of the people who get solid info, etc. You just choose to ignore it when I am right, because you are a petty-minded individual.

    • I pointed out around a year ago on here that Rooney was seriously reconsidering his future and his pledge to stay at United, and that it had come from a good source (associates of Rooney) that he was seriously thinking of a move to Spain.

      I also pointed out that United would not be able to meet his wage demands and it was very possible that he would leave (the person who posts as Eric Cantona should remember this, as he asked at the time if I really thought Rooney would leave over money). You can find the relevant post if you search for it - it's there, I can assure you. I don't delete post like you do - you know, the ones where you said that the Glazers were good owners and that the way they bought the club was perfectly acceptable.

    • Normally I would have dismissed this rumour as total nonsense, but it comes from somebody who has been pretty reliable in the past - that Fergie sees Torres as the Rooney replacement in his strike force. It probably won't happen, but it appears to be on Fergie's wish list. Torres would probably be happy enough with £120K wages or something similar, and Liverpool did turn down Chelsea's offer of £40M in the summer, but if United can get £50-60M on Rooney, then it becomes possible.

    • The worry, for me anyway, is unlike Ronaldo who left to go to Madrid, Rooney just wants out.

      We, whether we like it or just don't care to admit it or not, have a huge problem in midfield. There is no driving force, no Essien, Keane, Viera or Gerrard. But worse there has not been for some years now. Ronaldo , Rooney and Tevez papered over the midfield cracks for some time. Rooney cannot on his own. Our other strikers are good strikers, but they don't do the work Tevez and Ronaldo used to do. Nani is good, Valencia also, Hernandez and Macheda i have high hopes for. I think the future is bright. Even without Wayne, but the fact he wants out confirms all our fears, all is not well at OT. He wants big players signed , he wants to win things. Defensively and offensively i think we are ok now, and with our youth in the near future. But we need the midfield sorting, we need world class centre mids. And to retain the midfieldsers we do have already.

      Its a shame Wayne is leaving, but even without him like this season we still score plenty. The problem is not who replaces him, the problem is why he wants to go.

    • Obviously meant 'from' before Harijan picks up on it again.

    • Where did you read this Ian, United's website?

    • You seem spoiled enough muta, judging by some of your posts.

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