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  • syco291 syco291 Oct 20, 2010 16:20 Flag

    Leeds United

    Their demise started when a couple of high profile players left unexpectedly, leading to them not qualifying for the Champs league,
    You'd be foolish to think that, with our awful financial position, the same couldnt happen to us especially given the Glazers reluctance to sell and continued creaming of the accounts.

    I realise we have survived the departure of major players in the past (Cantona being bigger than this in my opinion) but we didnt have the huge debts back then.

    Having said that, I would probably sacrifice the next 5-10 years if it meant the Glazers were forced out and the club placed back into responsible hands. We'll always be a massive club so the short term hit could help the long term outlook.

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    • What a hilarious post!

      If Man U are not careful they could be well be ending up in the fizzy pop league before long, ANY club can go down, look at the likes of Leeds United and Newcastle United.

      I'd love to see Man U relegated, then idiots like you can have the bragging rights that Man U have got the highest attendance records in that league too!


    • ...ahahhahaaa.....yes it was le prof.......more classic calls from the boards most clueless numpty......ahahhaaaaaahaaa !!!!

      ...this fkwit also predicted that benzema was on his way.....right before he signed for madrid...........ahahhahahaahahaaa


    • Also dont forget the times when newcastle had attendances of 15,000 a match.i followed united all over before and into division two and our average attendance in div two was 56,000...many games htere were thousands locked out. so as much as glory hunters are not liked. who remembers seeing newcastle shirts in every corner of the country under keegan and worse still rememeber the blackburn shirts seen in every road and market stall when they won it. go back to your brown ale obviously i think you have had one too many.

    • Stop flogging a dead horse jim. If United were in such good shape finacially our best players wouldn't be leaving would they idiot!

    • What exactly is your point? What exactly don't you understand about United's balance sheet? Instead of making silly remarks be constructive, show where in United's accounts they are misleading readers about the free cash flow.

    • "United should be very happy their balance sheet shows a bigger positive than any club in the world , and by a large margin. It means that there really is well over GBP100m free cash in the bank."

      address the fallacy in that statement before worrying about jose's team... FRAUD!!! obrigado!!

      ps: jose thinks you may have meant 'was' not 'what'

    • Sorry what that supposed to be an intelligent comment?
      Of course your accounts could show that, but it so happens United's don't. they show a very positive cash balance. So what was your point exactly? Or were you just frustrated because the facts dont support your little dreams?

    • Totally predictable response from Rooney. I am the top young executive of a leading FTSE100 company I am offered a 30% pay increase, I say no because I want reassurances that my firm is going to hire people who will compete for my place at the Board. Absolute rubbish, if anyone believes this they have a very low IQ.

    • Actually in response to us getting a shiek rattle and roller as someone mentioned earlier ...my reply is I would worry about where it woulod end being owned by them ....But we have seen the edge to eastern european fat cats off ex state owned property but if we rule those 2 source of dosh out what have we got Bill Gates? or the owner of a south african diamond mine?

    • Good post syco291. I agree.

      I would also like to add to your comments, time is not on Fergie's side anymore, he will be 70 years old next year.

      Whoever takes charge after Fergie's departure will be looking to stamp his authority at the club, therefore 'reasonable' fans should expect a longer bedding-in period than the 5-10 years time-span stated in your post. As Roy Hogdson is finding out at Liverpool, managing a big club isn't straight forward, the fans' expectation level is very high and people expect a new manager to hit the ground running which isn't the case in most cases e.g. many managers have passed through the revolving door at great clubs like Real Madrid who have had 9 managers since 2004, AC Milan = 2 managers since Ancelloti departed in 2009, Juventus = 7 managers since 2006, Bayern Munich have had 5 managers since 2004.

      Man U after Fergie is a massive rebuild job for whoever takes over imho.

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      • What the Man U plastics have to remember here, is that in 1993 Man U finally won its first league title since 1967.

        Prior to that Man U were not winning everything in sight throughout the 1970s and 1980s, they only had the odd FA Cup win here and there.

        With a bit of luck things will be heading back that way again soon, hopefully without any League or FA Cup wins though.

        If Man U ended up going the way of Leeds United then I'd probably die through laughter.

        I felt so sorry for Leeds United supporters when their club went completely tits up, but I wouldn't feel that kind of sorrow for Man U fans, because I know the vast majority of them would all jump ship and support whoever is at the top of Premier League instead.

        There's a few on here who I reckon will already have Chelsea or Man City shirts on stand-by incase the worst comes to the worst!


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