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  • loveunitedalways loveunitedalways Oct 21, 2010 18:26 Flag

    The Special One

    I sincerely hope Maureen doesn't end up at Uniyed. Sure, he may be an excellent manager, having won the CL twice and did the treble with Inter last season, but his brand of football, though highly effcient and produces results, doesn't appeal to me. Secondly i find his arrogance rather nauseating and he has a tendency to go overvoard with his commnets sometimes, plus he strikes me as kind of an attention seeker. Thridly, i hate that fact that practically EVERY team he coaches/has coached is full of divers and cheats, and i'm alrwady fed up with the 'cheat' comments against us from the ABU brigade. Imagine if Maureen took over at OT, i wonder what nonsense those w@nkers are gonna come up with about us...

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