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  • Chris Fortune Chris Fortune Oct 21, 2010 04:21 Flag

    How BAD a man- manager is SAF?

    Serious question, now - guys.

    This fella has been credited with a certain amount of success - which over the years canot be disputed.

    How many people (players + careers) has it disrupted along the way.

    Now we know that SAF is getting senile and power-crazy in equal measure...but how many more KEY PLAYERS (Ronaldo - Tevez - Rooney)
    can United afford to lose?

    If Chelsea had lost their equivalent players it would have been SOOOO much more difficult for them to get where they are now...

    Question is... can United wait another couple of years for Chelsea's Moyrinho to come back in to UK Footie, or do they have to dump SAF now and get another good catholic in his place !?