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  • i hope for his sanity he is!

    park is a decent squad player, macheda has potential but so do a lot of players & welbeck isnt good enough for utd.

    its been a tough wk for utd so a win was the main thing.
    no team plays on fire every game, even chelsea have average 1-0 wins rob!

    u will qualify in 1st comfortably.

    stoke away will be a lot harder than tonights game.

    • " even chelsea have average 1-0 wins rob!"

      We win 1-0 occasionally, yes, and I'm very happy and relieved when we do. (FA Cup final springs to mind.) But I don't characterise those games as "too easy".

      We don't average 1-0 wins though, or even one goal wins. Never did in the modern RA era.