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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Oct 21, 2010 21:42 Flag

    Jordan Henderson?

    Latest player linked with us, and Fergie and Phelan were at the Sunderland game Monday night.

    This is what I dont understand, surely bright English prospects like this are who we WANT to be linked with?

    The media have banged on about Francenals policy of signing young gems the past 10 years, but when we adopt the same strategy, its clearly only because of the debts!

    Our net spending each season the past 5 years is not much different to Chelski's...so I guess they're screwed too?


    When Wenger signs someone like Ramsey, its seen as genius, but when Fergie pinches Smalling from under their noses, £10m, nothing special!

    Hernandez would have been hailed as an absolute gem if Francenal had got him...and what better sort of player to sign when you have such a good mixture of ages throughout the squad, the perfect balance?

    But no, clearly its because we cant attract the bigger players anymore, the Ronaldo's of this world are a thing of the past.....and yet Ronaldo was signed as an unknown, and was a 'one trick pony' for his first 3 seasons....maybe Bebe should have word with him, he's already regarded a 'flop'!

    Then its, 'the Glazers wont let us sign a £30m player.....yet we signed Berbatov!?

    You can't win!

    Forget Gill and the Glazers, FERGIE said yesterday that he can still make marquee signings, and had one in mind this summer who didn't want to to come to England.

    Clearly he's lying to keep his owners happy!?

    If we had signed David Villa, you can bet your life people here would still find something wrong with our situation!

    5 points behind the 'unstoppable force' that is Chelski, despite the fact we've thrown away 8 points in bizarre fashion, have several key players bereft of form, and are beginning to integrate young players into the side...clearly the signs of a club in decline! No great players will ever want to join us again!

    Funnily enough, they said the same exact thing here 4 years ago!

    Get a grip please!

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    • Worth bumping this post up I think.

      A load of the ABU's have been on the board the last couple of days saying that if we were signing Henderson we would be saying how great he is.

      The reaction here when we were first linked to him was more or less the same as the reaction to him signing for Liverpool.

      Just thought I would debunk a myth!

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      • Its a good post, so glad you had the time to go back over past posts, as these so called myths gain traction when they just get repeated again and again, even if they have no relation to the facts.

        To me looks like some of the United supporters were interested in him, but plenty others were luke warm. But I also don't think I see anyone saying he was a dog and should be left alone, which is another myth some would like to promote about what they think about the player now he's actually gone to a rival.

        btw, any back posts about Jones. He seems to be the cats meow right now, but wondered if anyone was bigging him up in the past?

      • jim thinks he is as good as wilshire

    • Aww diddums. Are the nasty lads from the press not being very nice? Well tough. Fergie has brought this all on himself over the years due to his totally unpleasant attitude towards people in the media, not talking to TV stations and generally making journos lives a misery for a long time now.

      Contrast this with how Mourinho, Wenger and Ancelotti handle the media and you couldn't get much more different. I bet all three of these managers despise the media in their private moments but are savvy enough to mask this and are friendly and courteous in press conferences. Fergie is the exact opposite which is why the press gun for him. You may say good luck to him - but don't bleat about it if you feel your fading club gets a rough ride and are misrepresented as it is ALL Fergies fault!


      Answer this oh ye with your finger on the pulse....

      How many players do United have in the TOP TEN HIGHEST EARNERS in European football???

      When you come up with the answer......'NONE'...ask yourself where does that leave United and its once un-paralleled spending power???? How many players do City, Chelski and Barca have in that list???

      Sure you may be able to buy a player for £30M but SORRY.....

      That is PEANUTS THESE DAYS!!!

      And if City wanted him that badly they would offer £50M and DOUBLE his wages with it!!!

      I LOVE watching you lot WHINE on about how hard done by you percieve yourselves to be.

      All fine when the boot was on the other foot though huh???


    • This whole thread has been about the comical propaganda of the Man U fan-boy sites like republikofmancunia and all that bollocks.

      It's pitiful that they've already forgotten about Wayne Rooney...

    • The Q&A article with Rafael is a good read guys.

    • Ah ok, I hope he does recall him. I was in favour of him going out on loan to get experience of regular football until Jan, but in hindsight we could do with him here now, jim was right on that one.

    • That's good news. He has the talent to be pushing for full England honours within the next 12 months if he gets a good chance here.

    • No Steve, it was supposed to go to a page where Ferguson said he was almost certainly recalling Cleverley in jan!

      I wouldn't waste my time discussing Torres coming, non starter, and like you I dont think we need a striker.

    • I wouldn't want him either. He's done the Rooney trick of getting overly bulky, except he might have done it through doing weights rather than eating pies and smoking.

    • Is he good enough? (I haven't seen enough of him so you'll have to help me out here). I do think we need to buy the best of British when we can, though I don't see any appart from Rodwell who are good enough. I think Defour is quite likely to come, as is Stekelenberg. Promote Cleverley and then buy a striker, or a left footed attacking midfielder (Costa/Ganso?).

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