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    Graham Poll on Nani's goal


    Worth a read for a referees opinion on Saturdays goal.

    My personal opinion is it should have been a penalty. Kaboul was pulling at Nani's shirt which is a foul. I do also think Nani did then dive to make a meal of it, and the handling of the ball was petulant. He is maturing into a world class player, but needs to cut out the play acting. I hate it. Gomes was then the fool for not playing to the whistle and Nani did what any player would in that situation by putting the ball in the net. I think Clattenburg would them have been correct to overrule the decision and award a free kick for handball after consultation with his assistant though. Again though, my initial opinion is that it should have been a penalty in the first place.

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    • Poll says a penalty could have been given but it would have been soft. I suspect most non-United fans will agree with that. If penalties were generally given for that level of contact there would be many many more, including many given against United.

      I agree with Poll (and I think you) that Clattenberg's best approach would have been to retrospectively award a free kick for the handball. It was a mess with no clearly right answer but Nani shouldn't have benefitted from the confusion from what was his foul (the handball). Poll says that unusually there were two plausible outcomes (allowing the goal or giving the freekick) - United fans maintaining the goal is correct are going for one of the outcomes that is technically correct, but the one that no-one other than United fans will see as morally correct.

      Oh, and Rio should have been sent away, Nani should have been booked for the handball (if not the histrionics) and Scholes should have been booked for jabbing at the referee asking for a penalty.


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      • the linesman should have flagged for the handball straight away ..and when the ref consulted him gave aq free kick......as for Nani's histrionics.....thrashing around like a spoilt child....once again a ref at old trafford has bottled it.....before you crucify me....do you really think if had happened against Man U it would have been allowed....and Fergie been so philosophical...
        yes the best team won,but this incident leaves a nasty taste in the mouth..

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