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  • it would have been nice if city had lost as well but you can`t have everything. Just goes to show how important that late goal by Park was yesterday.

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    • love it, wound him up so much he changed id, and wants to be like me

      i wanna be like you, oh yes i do

      I WON
      Ultimate ABUser

      ps, you need to slim down boy your so fat but not bad looking

    • All you can do is call people names because you're soft and weak, you Man U supporting sissy.

      quite dear boy, quite hehehehehehe

      dont forget that shovel ;-))

    • "i have just took the mantle and been a man by not arguing with you anymore, the playground is all yours now bud, ;-))"

      Yes Lyndy, the only mantle you've got is 'Man U supporting weirdo who poses as his fictional wife over the internet.'

      All you can do is call people names because you're soft and weak, you Man U supporting sissy.


    • Keep it going Lyndy, I'll even chuck you a shovel over if you'd like?

      Just because you get turned on by imagining the screams of "Daddy, no! Daddy no!" it doesn't mean we're all into it.

      You sick and sad little man who has nothing better to do than spend his entire life on here pretending to be something which is not...

      ...and we're not just talking about you posing as your fictional wife on here to back your arguments up either! LMFAO

    • so thats what you attract them with, or is it your cheesy knob, as all kids love dairylea.

      you were crying the other day mate,
      Ultimate (child) ABUser


    • You really are one of the most stupid people I've ever encountered on here Lyndy, especially if that's the best you can come out with.

      Touching up kids seems to be on your mind alot, perhaps you're even considering banging your own daughters?

      Not that I wouldn't put it past you and it would surprise me if yuo already have done, as I get the impression you're not dealing with a full deck to begin with.

      Watch out kids, Lyndy is out with his bag of Haribo starmix!


    • Don't mention a fight or Nathan will be over here,he's raring to go.

    • Lyndy, your prattle about Geordies didn't half make me chuckle

      Unlike you, I'm not bothered about winning any popularity prizes on here, and just remember that most of your fellow Man U fans on here can't stand you either and think you're a total pleb.

      When will it ever sink into your thick head that I'm an ABU and that I love you lot hating me on here? I only ever come on here to wind idiots like yourself up, and judging by the response I get on here, I'm pretty brilliant at it!

      The only reason that you haven't been arguing with me on here lately, is because I haven't bothered myself to come on here much and post anything to get you biting.

      Have you offered anyone on for a fight or pretended to be your fictional wife on here lately, you lie telling nutjob?


    • mark, if you want to understand the guys mentality lokk at it like this.
      his team, newcastle, have beaten arsenal today to go fifth, and he is here talking about us rather than talking about his own side.
      he has lived in torment for years.

    • If that ain't a massive bite, abu, what is? You're the biggest, bitter, biter on the board. No competition.

      Judging by the 'banana' and 'flat nose' comment my guess is that you're not only a tos ser but a racist tos ser.

      You're trying to guss who I am, but you're pissing in the wind, matey boy.

      Just my opinion though, eh!

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