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  • JayKay Jay JayKay Jay Nov 15, 2010 22:03 Flag


    I have been an observer on this board for a while and i think from time to time one needs to speak his mind. I know a lot here will not agree to what i may write but i also know that i share my opinions with a lot other fans on here. What i write is what i think and what i believe from my own observations.

    I have no doubt this guy has genius of some sort. But at the same time, i will also admit that we signed the most selfish player i have ever seen playing for united. And as i said, that's my opinion. All my friends know that i used to rave when i see Berba play for spurs. I have always wished to see him in a United shirt. But if you ask me right now, the sooner we sell him the better. And here's the little i can say to justify this. Berbertov, plays well when HE feels like, period.That's why there's no urgency in him. Other players will chase the ball and all that he expects, is the ball to be fed onto his feet. How many times have you seen him shrug off defenders,physically or skillfully to score a goal? maybe he has, but not many times i can recall of. He will be the first to complain if the ball is not passed on his foot. He looks like a bossy type of player to me,if not arrogant in his own way. Does anyone realize how much uniteds' game has changed since his acquisition? No pace upfront. If a striker can not be played as a lone in front and give us goals, then surely, he s not a United class. I know many will crucify me for this but to be honest, i prefer Hernandez to Berbertov. I almost got carried away beginning of the season. This guy is smart. He is playing games with Fergie,the team and with all of us fans. He knew that his place was in jeopardy when we bought Hernandez. so, what did he do? Play to death a few games,score some goals to convince Fergie...and most of us of cause so that he can perform. And then what did he do when he got his way? back to his old self. And he will keep on doing this as long as he's earning his salary. It's like he knows when everyone is loosing trust in him, notches himself up, then takes another long dive with his mouth down. How many goal scoring opportunities has he created for Chicha? Also not many that i can think of because he feels threatened by the young lad.You have to really analyze this fellow to know exactly what he is up to. He keeps on making us believe that he can do it....does it, then disappears. He's not been injured so the question of form and that crap is not an excuse.As long as we keep on hanging on to him, sadly said, we will, most of the times struggle in the league. I have nothing personal against him and if he performs, good for him and good for the club. contrary to that, only two words. Second best or third best in the league. Needless to say. Yakubu can play as a lone striker. so can Caroll and so can Torres just to mention a few and for 30 million pounds, you expect that from a striker his quality. Playing with him is like playing with ten men if you ask me.very frustrating to watch. poor body language. blames everyone who doesn't pass the ball to him. Walks in the field and 'takes off' of the ball gates passed his direction. A very sad affair but looks like Fergie is STILL waiting for that something.

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