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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Nov 19, 2010 22:21 Flag

    'You've Always Got Bebe'......


    Right on cue Andy, you have to be one of the biggest twits on the board mate!

    It was TWO goals as it happens, and anyone who knows ANYTHING about football, can see that his SECOND goal required great technique.

    Yes it was the reserves, but I doubt many keepers would have stopped either of them. The potential is there for all to see, as will your stupidity when I bump up your posts when he comes good!


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    • He should be getting a decent amount of games in the 1st team now, regardless of how many poor crosses he attempts- at least he has the bottle to try. We're lacking in central midfield and we need to have some thrust from the wings- Nani is a fixture, but with Valencia out, we should be alternating with Bebe and Obertan. Those goals show he has striking ability of a very high quality, and defenders will struggle to cope with him because of his power, leaving space open for other players to work. Focus on giving Park and Giggs games in central attacking positions until we buy some real quality central midfielders.