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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 26, 2010 22:00 Flag

    Is this person sad or what?

    Lol and this is just in a few hours:

    1. Re: ...Rooney&&39;s death threats from United fans....
    http://uk.messages.eurosport.yahoo.com/Football/Te ams/threadview?bn= - - - &tid=208140&mid=208151 "i left the nhs 2 years ago, i work as a pou installer...
    26-Nov-10 12:45 PM

    2. Re: FIFA World X1 &&39;shortlist&&39; of 55
    Crikey...you're a really UGLY and pathetic excuse for a bloke!
    26-Nov-10 12:39 PM

    3. Re: ...up the Gers!
    Yeah, looking back on that, perhaps that was the wrong choice of words, not that you're bursting at the seams with maturity on here either! LMFAO
    26-Nov-10 12:38 PM

    4. Re: still unbeaten
    Ouch! Such bad language! There's really no need for that now, slaphead! LMFAO
    26-Nov-10 12:36 PM

    5. Re: Scottish teams & the premiership
    So taking the mick out of you means I'm angry? LMFAO I'm anything but angry, it's you who ends up losing his hair on here when he gets wound up! Oops, sorry, I...
    26-Nov-10 12:35 PM

    6. Re: real madrid to be investigated
    What? That Rooney had Man U over a barrel? That Fergie looked ridiculous when he was wittering on about cows in a field? That you lot love a player one minute and then hate him the next, only to...
    26-Nov-10 12:33 PM

    7. Re: real madrid to be investigated
    Oh bless! A NUFC dig! Please stop Ian, I can't take it anymore! *cries* How much did Rooney have Man U over a barrel? How silly did Fergie look wittering on about cows in a field? How much do you lot love a...
    26-Nov-10 11:41 AM

    8. Re: Scottish teams & the premiership
    What's this "we" business, slaphead? You're a Man U armchair fan, not a real Man U supporter, so stop talking like you're something to do with Man U, time and time again on here you post stuff that just makes you look ridiculous...
    26-Nov-10 11:39 AM

    9. Re: still unbeaten
    Hey Slaphead! I see you're still yabbering on about peoples IDs and being a general whinging baldy old git as per usual!
    26-Nov-10 11:37 AM

    10. Re: ...up the Gers!
    There's plenty of dole waller Man U fans who spend their life lurking around the discussion boards of other football teams, but that's a typical Man U fans' attitude, you lot are...
    26-Nov-10 11:33 AM

    11. Re: real madrid to be investigated
    If this had been a couple of Man U players doing this, most of you muppets would be hailing Fergie as a tactical genius! LMFAO
    26-Nov-10 09:06 AM

    12. Re: still unbeaten
    ...I for one, can't wait for this unbeaten run for Man U to come to an end. It'll stop some of the Man U armchair fans like devon yabbering on about it!
    26-Nov-10 09:02 AM

    13. Re: ...up the Gers!
    "I - like millions of others - will be viewing it on itv1." Yeah devon, that would be about right. Call yourself a Man U supporter? I think the term armchair fan is more fitting for you.
    26-Nov-10 08:59 AM

    14. Re: ...up the Gers!
    LMFAO Have you been in Paris drinking with any Algerians and laughing at Englands' dodgy performance on the pitch lately? Shouldn't you not be on the Arsenal board posting...
    26-Nov-10 08:58 AM

    15. Re: Scottish teams & the premiership
    Considering that Man U made very hard work of Rangers and only just managed to scrape a 0-1 win against them your comments look hypocritical to me. Typical Man U armchair...

    Nurse, Nurse this man is in need of urgent help!!!!!!!

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