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  • jim w jim w Dec 1, 2010 06:15 Flag

    Full time thoughts

    are unprintable.
    At least Hernandez looked like it was 'hurting' which is more can be said of the rest. I am afraid 3 younger players probably brought their United careers to an end tonight. Not just because of ineptness but any lack of will to 'fight' their way out of the hole. Poor displays can be put down to 'one of those things', the 'white flag' attitude is a one-way ticket to the exit door.
    Unfortunately my post at the beginning of the season about United only really having 14 players who can really be counted on looked pretty accurate tonight. Bleak!

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    • Another creative midfielder..to go alongside..Schweinsteiger...but has to be strong & able to tackle like..Keane..Robson..Ince.

      Cahill(bolton)..Midfield..or R back..& fill in for Rio Vids..when injured....ship out O'shea..Evans..Brown

      The W Ham game wasnt a first...iv'e seen this a lot with the United Back line /Midfield...No tacklers,
      .they just let players pass them.

      ..Remember..Sunderland..Villa..We shouuld have lost those games.+ the games we threw away cos our midfield/defence buckled.

      The Blackburn game fine when were free flowing..but when a team has a go at us..were all over the place.

      .In Midfield..Defence..which will be proved against arse a*nal..& the chavs...i feel our midfield defence will buckle.

      Come on Fergie the problem..staring you in the face..get rid..& bring in Tough tackling players..to complement the wingers.

      It does'nt work on the training field..we keep coming up with the same lame excuses..why we didnt preform well...we know the ones that need to go...Rooney was right.


    • There appears to be a lot of dead wood littering up the club, time to get rid of Kuszczak, O'Shea, Evans, Carrick, Hargreaves, Fletcher, Gibson, Carrick and Owen, perhaps Mancini might pick up one or two bargains. Pension off VDS, Neville, Giggs and Scholes at the end of the season and force those Americans out. I think that Rooney could drop into midfield to replace Scholes, a bit expensive for that of course, and perhaps move the twins into midfield too, they have both the flair and ball carrying skills as well as pace to threaten from there. An injection of new talent has been urgently needed for three years at least but those asset stripping Yanks, ably assisted by the local suits, have ensured the downward spiral will continue until they are forced out.

    • Yup we need to sign schweinsteiger and g.cahill. Who esle do you siggest?

    • Precisely!! Last Saturday i though we were finally beginning to click together after a long period of avereage.mediocre performances and guess what Fergie does?? He goes and makes changes! We totally deserved to be hammered for showing a lack of respect to West Ham. I feel that Fergie is being arrogant and selfish by making those changes, and was duly taught a good lesson for that. I Hope he and the lads learn their lesson, otherwisae we'll win nothing this season, which there's a very high chance we might.
      I lnow i may be having a knee-jerk reaction, and i may come across as a fairweather supporter, but trust me, i really don' t mean it. I'm just extremely pissed with our performance last night.

    • That's what pissed me off Jim. You can have an off night, but they looked.....scared. Which players are you referring to regarding the exit door? Evans was pathetic and confirmed my thoughts on him. At least Hernandez showed some spirit.

    • Lovely to see Man U getting a good 4-0 stuffing off West Ham and ending up getting out of the League Cup.

      Fergies' face was hilarious!