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  • sat-on-our-perch sat-on-our-perch Dec 11, 2010 22:14 Flag

    defence is the key

    offensively, arsenal are excellent, no doubting that, but defensively, that is where the game will be won, united are the top scorers in the league and if rooney and berbs are on form, koscielny and schillaci are in for a pasting, and if our defence plays anything like the way they can, it could actually be embarassing,
    if the defence plays well we will win, arsenals only hope of getting a result is that we dont play well, as on form, we will hurt them, but i have a sneak feeling they will play song as a 5th defender and hang on for a 1-1 draw, but if they come at us, we will pick them off and win by 3 or 4 goals.

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    • This sad lot come out with the same dribble every year..& every year we beat them..look at the stats..arsea*nal are the worst.
      Were so scared...you lot have to come on "OUR BOARD" to tell us.
      chelscum are our threat...even though they're off form.


    • lol to wind us up.
      your the one on here writing all the drivel you cock swallower
      so you invite it, if you didnt spend all your days on here you would not get so wound up as it dont wind us up, it makes us laugh.
      and when you term "proper" fans, i go to games and am a mancunian not an idiot who sits on a computer all day reading anything anti-united or using matchcast as their source of entertainment.
      proper is a person who goes to games so you are obviously including yourself in the "not fit" category.

      see ya monday pal, im off to have a social life hahaha

    • "we will pick them off and win by 3 or 4 goals." ?

      Not a single fan of THIRD placed Man U on here buy into Lynda's DRIVEL ............... LMFAO!!!

      There's a good reason why Man U are THIRD in the table and Arsenal FIRST --------->>>>

      The BEST form of ''defence'' is ATTACK.

      Most Premier League managers (Draw Specialist Man U excepted of course) realise that putting 10 men behind the ball or in Lynda-SPEAK ( "defence is the key" ) will get you nowhere, ATTACK from the off and go for the win instead. HOME and AWAY and you stand a good chance of walking away with the 3 points on offer.

      As you said, "offensively, arsenal are excellent" and Man U have no chance, that's the way most punters see this match panning out on Monday.

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      • There's a good reason why Man U are THIRD in the table and Arsenal FIRST --------->>>>

        er, yeah, you have played a game more, as before the blackpool game cancelled we were top by right having played the same amount of games as anyone else

        The BEST form of ''defence'' is ATTACK

        yep, thats why we are top scorers in the prem, thanks for pointing that out

        I hope you're man enough to show your face after the most embarrassing bum-raping ever since in EPL after the match on Monday

        so you admit your not man enough only you hid for days after the mauling in the cl and the 3-1 hiding last season in your own back yard

        PUNDITS' Verdict:
        Arsenal massive favourites, enough said

        well i dont remember reading anywhere that arsenal are massive favourites among pundits but pundits dont win games, football players do.
        im glad you are so confident so how about you bet your "mortgage" again,

        dear oh dear monday is going to be messy for you, i hope for your sake you have the noose ready, your going to need it son ;-))

      • Arsenal only play 'good football' when the games are easy. Put under pressure, you crumble - therefore, the game is very much in United's hands. If we play well, it's quite simple: we win.

        Buy some wingers, a goalkeeper and some proper defenders, and you might have a chance at trophies superior to the Emirates Cup. I wonder how your best players will feel in 20 years when they realise that Wenger wasted a large part of their careers by not supplementing their undoubted talent with defensive strength. Probably not too happy is my guess.

      • `There's a good reason why Man U are THIRD in the table and Arsenal FIRST --------->>>> `

        Yes there is - they have played one more game than utd and second place city have played two more games.