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  • Eric Cantona Eric Cantona Dec 29, 2010 05:55 Flag

    Same old ...

    Another 2 points dropped but then pretty diabolical decision - Bowyer yards offside.

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    • All the diabolical decisions Manu usually gets away with at OT...U were due one of these...

      Another weak ineffectual performance...can't get an away win.....Rooney can't score to save his hyde...If I were Fergie I would put a grannie behind the goal...he would be sure to score!!

    • Well, that's what the problem with 1-0 scorelines, they tend to become 1-1, all it takes is one crazy moment. United did create chances in the second half. If only Berba's shot had gone in instead of hitting the post. First half, we were cr@p though. Fair result in the end.

    • United only had themselves to blame for defending a 1-0 against Brum, why?
      But the 'goal' was both handball and offside, how can the officials miss both?

    • utd fans always say it evens it self up when decisions like neville not getting an obvious 2nd yellow happen.

      i still think u are overall the best team in england so will end up winning the league. but i still think u should have a goal pocher upfront with a bit of pace.

      berb & rooney are good players but i still think all the play is ahea of the opposing defence. theres no fast striker with good movement making runs behind the defence which stretches them, pulls them out of position etc.

      rooney was poor attacking wise. his best moments were in his defensive side.

      so when u have rooney deep or back defending, that just leaves berb on his own upfront. & he isnt the most mobile or pacy foward.

      i would have thrown on hernandez a lot earlier to try & kill the game. 1-0 is always dodgy especially away to brum.

      u edged it & deserved to win...just. BUT then so do most teams who end up losing or drawing away to brum.

      i dont think gibson stamped his mark on the game enough.
      looks a bit lightweight for utd. but then again he is still developing. i can see him at a mid table prem team eventually.

      why not loan gibson instead to give him match time to develop?
      or maybe u should have loaned gibson instead of clevearly out to wigan?

      would clevearly done any better than gibson tonight?

    • I've got no complaints about the goal, we get our fair share.....although it was clearly a foul on Rio!

      I can't understand Fergie, Gibson and Giggs were knackered 2nd half, yet he made no further changes than bringing on Fletcher until we conceded!?

      Fergie's tactical ineptitude decisions cost us this game, simple as that.

    • Goal shouldn't have stood, but I'd say they deserved a point in the end.
      Tactically we were set up wrong and too negative for a Prem game for my liking. I hate the 4-5-1/4-3-3. Rooney on the left and Giggs on his opposite flank was all wrong. Rooney was useless from the left and would have been better central partnering Berba in a 4-4-2 formation. I would have liked to have seen Obertan given a chance on the right wing. If not him, play any of Fletcher, Gibson or even Hernandez out of position there.

      Another 2 points dropped late away from home in a game we should have seen out, and yet we're still back on top with games in hand!