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  • Man_United_Raj Man_United_Raj Dec 29, 2010 17:38 Flag

    Got What We Deserved

    We can talk all day about the foul on Rio, the handball and even the offside for Birmingham's "goal", but in my opinion, Brum deserved their equaliser. The last 10 minutes of that match was an absolute joke from our persepective. We invited all that Birmingham pressure. We kept hoofing the ball out of our box straight to a Birmingham player instead of trying to hold on to possession and play our way out. I can undertsand playing like that if we are 1-0 up away to Arse, Chelski, Citeh or even Spurs or Liverpool. But BIRMINGHAM?? Vidic and Rio are better than that. Their equaliser, controversial as it was, was inevitable and they deserved it for their relentless attacking towards the end (even if we did invite it).

    When I heard Berba and Rooney were starting, I thought "great". Let's go for the jugular. So you can imagine my DISGUST to see Wazza out on the left where he is always played rubbish in my opinion. Why Fergie thinks Rooney has any effect out there I will never know. With Park, Valencia and Nani out, poor Obertan's confidence must be down in the dumps when he sees Fergie play a striker in his position rather than him. Oh well, another away game coming up. Let's see if we can add to our solitary away win.

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    • Rooney is shyte, selfish, demanding and rubbish.

      Poor Hernandez, a far better scorer, sits and warms the bench whilst Rooney is treated with kid gloves and given chance after chance after chance.

      It would have been better for us if he had left.

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      • Certainly Carrick, Hargreaves, Gibson, Fletcher, Brown, O'Shea, Evans, and Owen should be on their way, VDS, Scholes, Giggs and Neville should be allowed to go with dignity instead of being continually relied upon to get Fergie out of the brown stuff. And if Rooney can't get his game back on track he should pack his bags too. Costly to replace the lot of them but if we got rid of Glazers and Gill plus the savings in unjustified wages and anything we could recoup in transfer fees perhaps Fergie could buy a couple of decent and talented players. The current squad is packed with expensive under-performers, perhaps we should begin to ask whether SAF and his team aren't under-performing too. Sorry, but its got that bad!