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  • sat-on-our-perch sat-on-our-perch Jan 1, 2011 23:47 Flag


    spursbabe, why dont you put a sock in it,

    u got a bad decision against brum for a change BUT now its back to normal of refs helping utd.

    what about the penalty we didnt get either you silly woman, are you the wife of that other idiot deeprick or something.
    if you want debate, at least make sure you discuss all the facts.
    sir alex said it was a penalty to wba, as did rio, but the ref never gave it, they also said, along with everyone else, united were robbed of a penalty too, so rather than make a ridiculous remark about refs favouring us, look at all the game and all the decisions, then you will see the ref was absolutely useless...........not biased you dumb idiot