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  • Layla Layla Jan 1, 2011 21:16 Flag


    clear red card for neville & penalty to WBA.

    its not even a hard decision as he got nowhere near the ball.

    after the stoke incident are refs too scared to send off neville?

    u got a bad decision against brum for a change BUT now its back to normal of refs helping utd.

    id be emberresed if i was neville & fergie of how blatant the refs are in helping u.

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    • And as we know refs never make mistakes in other games. chelsea only beat bolton cause the officials missed that Drogba was offisde when he got involved in the buildup. Three mistakes from the ref helped city besat blackpool earlier in the season. Yes it was penalty and Neville should have been sent off but there is no guarantee that would have won the game - after all spurs have won their last two games despite being down to 10 men.

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      • drogbas was debatable. i still think he was just on.

        nevilles was a clear red & pen, not even debatable.

        im not saying wba would have gone on to win but its an obvious advantage having a pen & an extra man for over an hr.

        yes we won with 10men twice BUT i would have prefered to have all 11 on the pitch.

        come on devon, why cant u admit utd get way more bad decisions in their favour?

        u just look more silly comparing an obvious red card & pen to a debatable close offside call.

    • Why do you bother Spursbabe......

      Man U are the most corrupt football club in England, fact!

      BROWN ENVELOPE......

    • spursbabe, why dont you put a sock in it,

      u got a bad decision against brum for a change BUT now its back to normal of refs helping utd.

      what about the penalty we didnt get either you silly woman, are you the wife of that other idiot deeprick or something.
      if you want debate, at least make sure you discuss all the facts.
      sir alex said it was a penalty to wba, as did rio, but the ref never gave it, they also said, along with everyone else, united were robbed of a penalty too, so rather than make a ridiculous remark about refs favouring us, look at all the game and all the decisions, then you will see the ref was absolutely useless...........not biased you dumb idiot

    • Makes a change.Terry's clear handball against Bolon wasnt given..& arse.. a*nal always get a player sent of against them..so they can beat 10 men.
      Brum's goal against us ..should never have been ......United aways get the bad desisons..Unlike..those two..cheating teams.

    • just ignore the silly bitch guys, she's just a man utd hater like all the other sad pricks like pixie and deepak that come on here hateing because their team isnt as good as utd's, not even worth debating with them because their just blatant haters, everytime a ref decision comes up in a utd game its allways the same we won only because of it, yet when it happens their way its never mentioned, i see the blatant handball in the box for a stone wall penalty wasnt mentioned by them.

    • Layla,

      As Lynden already told ya, SAF already said it was a penalty to WBA, as did Ferdinand. It's not our fault that we won. We DIDN'T do ANYTHING to get him on our side. He just screwed up, that's all. And like you one said, refs are only human.

    • Blah, blah, blah swear, blah, blah blah cool , blah, blah, blah, personal insults, blah, blah, blah . You ONLY come on here to slag United off you stupid fucking ugly bitch. Now that is giving you personal insults, and that's all you deserve. I can debate any subject with anyone, except those, like Deeprick, roy, and pixie , who are racist, or you, who only slag my team off. Can't handle it ? Well piss off then

    • 'You can't debate with me' ? No I don't debate with racists toy