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  • Steve Steve Jan 1, 2011 21:34 Flag

    Gary Neville......

    is a liability!

    A very lucky man to get away with not conceding a penalty and getting himself sent off. That's 2 out 3 appearances in the league he's been lucky to stay on the pitch. He hasn't got the legs for this anymore and should have retired last summer. Bring Fabio on.

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    • If you openly deny you're a racist, and explain why you called black people n*****s Deeprick, I will never mention it again. Deal ?

    • Ian Robert H ??? ............. "constructive comments" ???

      Are you having a laugh, stefan?

      Ian's sole claim to fame on these boards is falsely accusing people as 'racists'. Other than that, he's a dullard and adds absolutely nothing to debates.

    • To be fair, SB makes more constructive comments about united than you do. Are you paid by yahoo to be a keyboard warrior?

    • 'yes because your a great addition to the utd board.' Yes, unlike you. I never go on the Spurs board when the ref gives a dubious decision for them. The ONLY time you come on here is to slag United off, so I say piss off back to the Spurs board where you belong. No personal insult there.

    • Ueah! We looked out of sorts throughout the game. But at least we managed to win! And credit to WBA for giving us a good fight.

    • again u are missing my point.

      if the ref had sent neville off & giving the pen then it would have been a completley diff game.

      u cant then use incidents that happened an hr later to excuse it.

      i dont know how else i can explain it. if neville had been sent off then the handball incident would never had happened etc.

      who knows what would have happened. but the fact is a pen & an extra man for over an hr is an advantage.

      tlisten to your arguments.

      1- brum decision.

      yes that was bad but overall u get many more bad decisions in your favour.


      2- we should have had a pen an hr later even thou we would have had a man less. the game would have continued the same if u had 10men instead of the 11.

      3- well if the ref is biased why didnt he give us the handball.
      for a ref to be biased it doesnt mean he has to give u every big decision.

      ask any football fan in the world,

      would u rather a pen & red card in the 25th min wrongly not giving against u, as well as a pen in the 80th min wrongly not given for u.


      a pen & red card in the 25min rightly given against u, as well as a pen in the 80th min rightly given for u?

      all football things would rather option number 1 of course.

      that is a much bigger advantage.

      in the end, the ref gave u option 1 which shows he made a biased decision.

      when i say i biased i dont mind he is a utd fan etc.

      i just mean he is another bottler who couldnt find the guts to send off & give a pen against 1 of the biggest clubs in the world.

      birmingham today. RVP dived for the free kick they scored from & then handballed it in the area for a obvious pen to brum but not given.

      of the course of a season its pretty clear the bigger u are the more decisions u will get in your favour.

      its human nature for refs to behave & make judgements like that.

      they arent neautral robots who dont feel pressure.

    • all i have to say is

      OF OF OF1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree steve, bring fabio on he has some ground to make up on his brother...and sorry gaz move upstairs to coaching or whatever job the club have lined up for you

    • well in giving west brom 2 out of the 3 big decisions (you appear to have forgotten the penalty that was given) he hid his favourtism very well, so well that if Hernandez hadn`t scored it would have cost utd 2 points.

    • i just hate the injustice & the biased refs we have.

      there you go again..........bias refs.
      where was our clear penalty from this supposed bias ref.
      get a grip woman.
      dont worry, arsenal wont win it, you will finish above them.

      ftr, i thought it was a penalty, and a sending off, but we got away with it.
      i also thought we should have had a penalty, and wba got away with it.
      so in the last 2 games, 1 big decision has gone our way, 2 big decisions have gone against us,
      but no bias or cheating being levelled from our fans.

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