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  • JayKay Jay JayKay Jay Jan 1, 2011 21:41 Flag

    Gary Neville......

    Agreed Steve. He is poor overall. I wonder what happened to Rafel. Is he injured? Neville is having a hard time marking the pacy forwards of WestBrom. If SAF doesn't do something i can see another goal coming off the right-back. It's again another frustrating weekend. Mid-field playing Sh@@! again. both Carick and Flecther been giving the ball away too often. Why put Obertan on the right if you have natural pacy players who can play there like Bebe and even Chicharito if puch come to shove? we are very lucky to still be 1 - 1 at half-time. I am certainly crossing my fingers and bracing myself for the second half. Unless we put in players in their natural positions, i can see yet another away draw, or worst still, our first defeat.

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    • Rafael will just be rested like VDS. When you've got 4 games in 10 days, it's unlikely Fergie would want anyone to be playing in all 4 matches. Obertan has to be given a chance. His passing has been sloppy, but he's had a couple of decent runs. Lucky to be level, got to give credit to WBA for that, they've played very well.

    • Along with west brom`s passing Neville is the main reason why utd are having so many problems at the back. Everytime he gets forward and west brom win the ball he hasn`t got the pace to get back and that`s leaving a huge gap for west brom to exploit. Lets hope SAF takes him off at halftime.