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    Chelsea 3-3 Aston Villa

    Just when Terry thought he had won it it in injury time....

    Up pops Clark!!


    back to business as usual for the chavs and more dropped ponts!

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    • I'm not sure he was ever terribly fast. But he is still very strong. It would be quite understandable if he occasionally isn't quite as committed for fear of damaging his knee again. I'm not sure the evidence points that way.


    • I agree Robert. Essien is a great player, and , of course, would have loved it if he had signed for United. But I just think that his injuries have taken a yard or two of pace.

    • It's probably a mistake to think that players can be awesomely brilliant week in week out rather than simply very good week in week out and awesomely brilliant occasionally. Maybe that goes for teams as well. Who knows.

      I think Essien is one of those players like Drogba (and Rooney) who get over-hyped when they are good and then possibly over-criticised when they aren't. I don't think the Villa match was one of his finest, particularly the lunge that gave away the penalty. Nevertheless, I am sure his name is one of the first on the team-sheet each match and if he was in your squad would probably be one of the first on your team-sheet too.


    • On another subject Robert; What the hell has happened to Essien ? He's a pale shadow of his former self.

    • So ask the referee why he gave it rather than having a go at me. Irrespective of what Malouda did maybe, just maybe, he thought Collins had fouled him.

      I suppose it has been easier for United fans to criticise other teams players going down for free kicks and penalties since Ronaldo left. Although with Nani in your team you really ought not get too carried away.



    • You frequently hear managers (and even occasionally retired referees) saying refs won't give penalties unless the player goes down. So if a player has been fouled and it has impeded him the incentive is for him to go down. It may look wrong but the problem really starts with the refs if they are too reluctant to penalise fouls in the box.


    • collins to a stupid risk but probably thought refs rarely give pens for those type of challenges.

      malouda did go down a bit late but everyone seems to have accepted this in football.

      its become a non contact sport full of play actors.

    • Maluda never made any attempt to jump for the ball. Then you could see it dawn on Maluda that perhaps he should fall over; it was just a slow-motion dive.

    • Eric, you're getting a bit crazy about decisions going Chelsea's way at the moment. My initial reaction was that it probably wasn't a penalty. Looked at again, Collins was all over Malouda and clearly impeded him without getting near the ball. Isn't that a foul? When Malouda went down he still had Collins weight on his back. Some referees would give it, some wouldn't. After Gary Neville's penalty (and red card) non-decision on Saturday, I don't know why you pick on this.

      I think it could be said the referee was very whistle happy all afternoon. Any time someone went down he blew for a foul. Any time he saw a real foul he gave a yellow card. It wasn't a dirty game but there was a huge number of cards given, mostly to Villa.


    • So fucki=g what, you really expect any Chelsea fan to comment on that? You must be re&arded mate.

      Anyway, the title is as good as yours now.

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