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    Manchester United 2 stoke 1

    3 more points keeping the pressure firmly on the pretenders!

    Awesome goal by Hernandez and great to see Nani and Giggs back giving us some much needed width.
    Should have been more than 2 but its all about the win.

    I will be supporting arsenal tommorrow for selfish reasons of course. That mickey mouse outfit dont know how to last in a title race,

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    • Nani got the assist for the first goal and scored the first. Nani is by far the most creative player on MU at the moment. I don't understand why there were too many off-sides committed by Berbatov and Hernandez. Berbatov needs to work with other MU players on quick one touch passes in and around the box because when he gets the ball and dribbles, he is not able to get past by the defenders and ends up creating delays where the opposing defenders have ample to time get back in position.

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      • Nani is an exasperating player. Good one minute - bad the next. When will he learn he can't take a free kick?

        The older ones amongst us might remember Al Read and his sketch about a football player called Cunliffe (I think). Al Read was slating Cunliffe for being useless - couldn't pass, couldn't tackle, couldn't shoot, couldn't do anything - then Cunliffe scores a wonder goal and Al Read turns to his mate and says 'I told you he was a wonderful player'.

    • I'd prefer a draw, and if either team was going to win, i'd actually prefer it to be City. We have an extra game in hand over them, and I view Arsenal as a bigger threat.

      A good performance tonight for the most part, just the one moment of slack marking that Stoke made the most of. Our dominance should have produced more goals, but a wins a win, and very happy with the 3 points. Great goals from both Nani and Hernandez, both getting the assist for each others goal also.

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      • Yer it was a trademark Nani strike, He has really learnt how to smash the ball with pace yet keeping it down with great skill to find the space. Hernandez was awesome with his control and vision to find him when he had defenders all over him.

        Hes proving to be one of the hottest youngsters in world football and is consistently proving what an absolute steal he was. Cant believe his previous club sold him so cheap.

        Well in my opinion Arsenal will drop back more than City coming to the business end of the season as per usual. They don't have the stomach squad or bottle to take United past March at best.I expect them to lose atleast another 4-5 games this season.