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  • Ancelotti, Hodgson or Grant? Although west ham are bottom of the table I think Grant is probably the least likely to be sacked cause apart from tonight`s horrible showing against newcastle they haven`t done too badly over the festive period. As for the other two liverpool don`t usually sack their managers during the season - although there is a first time for everything - but Abramovich does.

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    • It's Roy Keane!

    • I would hope that none goes.Look at WHU. What has Grant inherited? the team had already survived relegation can't remember how many times before he took over. I think he crucified himself taking a struggling team and with not new players to revamp his camp. Even being a united fan, i still can't understand what went wrong at Villa.Martin O'Neill deserved much more i guess and you know what? it serves a lot of these struggling team owners right because they think chopping and changing coaches is success. So my conclusion is problems in these teams are not because of their coaches but their owners and these coaches deserve a lot more.

    • Ancelotti should definitely not be sacked. Abramovich needs to spend some roubles. Their squad is so imbalanced. They don't actually have 1 truly creative player.

      Hodgson is being shown up to be the average manager he really is. Awful away record - whoever thought he could manage as big a club as Liverpool was clearly mad. The xenophobic media incl. idiots like Henry Winter (at least in this case) are coming to realise that Hodgson is poor appointment, and Benitez (for all his mistakes) actually did a decent job, but was sacked on the back of 1 bad season, due to not putting his arm around Stevie me and Jamie hoof ball Carragher. The sooner they get rid of those 2 'legends' and start afresh, the better for them.

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      • "They don't actually have 1 truly creative player."

        Er, right.

        It's such a long way from Chelsea's glory year when they won the double, scoring a record number of goals, with truly creative players like, um, yes, let me think. Well, Carvalho?

        Is it your supposition that we had "truly creative players" last season who have gone? If so, who were they? Or did we somehow fluke a record number of goals without any creativity?

        Or did you simply not think before writing that?


      • Silly me , I forgot Houllier. With aston villa dropping in to the bottom 3 after wolves win against chelsea he`s as likely to go as any of the other 3.