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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 7, 2011 03:25 Flag

    Hernandez: A TRUE Role Model.....

    Psst - this isn't the 'real chris' this has got to be a gay newbie he is so pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Although the original Prof was weak and easily destroyed by London Exiles and Dogs of War this inferior version couldn't post a pre-paid envelope... absolutely dull, boring and extremely G-A-Y!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Shadow knows muhahahahahaha

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    • Dogs of war is just another one of my imitators, looking up to me like a love sick puppy. Only posts when Liverpool are winning, hence why no one sees much of him these days!

      As for Exiles, you mean the ponce who said he was coming to Cheltenham to find me at my MMA club, and then disapeared from the boards, never to be seen again?!


      Good to have you back Dogs!