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  • Indeed this will be a great buy for us. I was hoping we would get him when he left Portsmouth.

    @ jim. while it is true of Fergie's desire to bring up English youth, and which is a good idea, right now we need a finished midfielder. I personally think that if Fergie has to go for Henderson then he might as well not buy but bring the youth in our own reserves. His experience not far away from the likes of Chris Eagles,Richardson who we let go.

    We need a playmaker in the middle of the part. Carrick and Fletcher can pass the ball and thats it. Entangle them with four markers and they kick the ball up in the air. I know Ben Arfa is more of a forward but i also think if we can get hold of him, then we have more flexibility mid and front. But hey, Fergie's the boss. Lets just wait and see who he brings in.