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  • Mandy D Mandy D Jan 9, 2011 21:38 Flag

    Berbatov - I am a cheating scumbag

    It would be refreshing if he made a full confession for that but I am not holding my breath.
    Yet again, Howard Webb at OT - no wonder he is Fergies bestest ref....ever!

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    • Joe, I think you father has cheated on your mom with the mailman.......... and the butcher, and the lawn care kid and the paper boy. How come no mention of the greatest cheat today, Stevie G???? He is light years ahead of Ronaldo. And to be honest Drogba's history puts him near the top of the list as well. Listen, ABUs come on here crying and whining when United win and laughing and instigating when United lose. Seems like you clowns have been crying a lot this year....

    • Definately,

      Not too sure how any United fan can argue with that one. Yes Tottenham have had cheating players, as have every other club in the country. But United tend to have a number of players who cheat in different ways throughout any game. Not just diving where Berba and Nani are in a league of their own, Rio is one of the players who involves himself in the refs decision making, personally I find this infuriating!

      Lets not forget Ronaldo, who was the best cheat ever! well the most prolific at least!

      United = Cheats. simple!

    • Lets see some proof of these Scholes challenges then, as the times he has gone in two feet off floor showing studs he has been sent off.

      Saying "plenty" means you must have quite a bit of evidence...

    • Yes, you once won everything but even you must realise, you are in decline. A couple defeats and confidence will drain and it could all go wrong! You still have to play some difficult away games and you will not have Howard Webb every game.
      Did you watch the game today - you were shite! Without a friendly ref, who knows what would have happened.
      I take it you supported Utd when they were crap and went down / won nothing...or did you?
      If you did, it will stand you in good stead for future years when you will become Manchester's second team. And you know it is coming soon.......and when it happens, we won't gloat...at all....

    • As I say, stick to Matchcast, as you are well aware, it is cheaper!
      you should know
      your true colours

      plastic fan

      although watching a team that has won everything must be so much better than watching one that has never won the european cup, and is forever in our SHADOWWWWWWWWWWWW

    • Utd vs Brum - you would be far better off sticking to Matchcast than spending money on that rubbish!
      It will be a fest of anti football - Brum, under orders from their manager will not put in any real tackles (like Pulis recently),they will then give away a soft ref assisted goal near the end. Utd to win 1-0
      Macleish will not want to upset Fergie, Brum will be spared any attempt of a thrashing as a reward.
      You may even get Howard Webb again!

      As I say, stick to Matchcast, as you are well aware, it is cheaper!

    • i would rather watch us play brum than never go at all and rely on matchcast as my enjoyment.
      and anyway, real fans are not choosy, its a privilege to watch united play, whatever the opposition

      remember that

    • I think you are mixing me up with someone else.
      If you really wanted a ticket, there are ways.
      Rewarded - Birmingham game!! - maybe you would consider it a reward to watch 2 teams who play little other than anti football these days?
      Even watching City sounds more exciting than that game

    • you said (as slayer) you would bet your mortgage united would not finish top 4 last seaon, and low behold, nothing doing.

      i never said i go to every game did i.

      i tried ti get tickets, but when you support a massive club, 120.000 applications cant fit into a stadium holding 76,000, so i lost out on the ballot.
      i was rewarded however with tickets for the birmingham game

    • Man Utd fans must be very proud of your team and Berbatov..

      Can't win fairly so your player dives to get a panalty that never was.

      We had u controlled and contained for 70 mins..

      Well you must also congratulate Howard Webb your 12th player..

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