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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jan 10, 2011 00:32 Flag

    Berbatov - I am a cheating scumbag

    topthetree.. which game were you watching?

    Agger didn't even touch Berbatov.. No contact was made.. I guess you must've been watching the fantasy version where Berbatov skillfully dodges Aggers tackle to find he trips over Aggers leg?

    Oh sorry my bad that didn't happen did it.. Agger didn't make any contact with Berbatov at all and Berbatov to diving cheat gets a penalty..

    So I was right the first time..

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    • You're wrong, there was small contact made, but I do think Berba went down very easily and it was a very soft penalty.

      I thought your lot knocked the ball round reasonably well at time, but with Torres way off form, you lacked a player to finish any move off, and you never really tested Kuszczak, apart from Aurelio's free kick.

      I don't think we played that well, but we still created plenty of chances where we should have put the game to bed in the second half. Reina made some good stops, and you look to have a good young defender in Kelly.