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  • Steve Steve Jan 17, 2011 02:31 Flag

    Observations from the match

    I disagree with the criticsm of Rafael, neither warranted a booking for me, and the defensive side of his game has improved no end this season.

    I agree with the criticsm of Carrick, but not that he is the reason Nani had a crap game. Nani didn't get himself involved in the game, was a bit lazy tracking back and didn't do anything with the ball when he did get it. And while I think we can do a lot better than Carrick, he did his job infront of the back 4 in the second half well and saved us with a couple of timely interceptions, so credit to him where it's due.

    I agree on Modric. Hes an excellent little player, and is the sort of player with that creative spark we lack in the centre.

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    • I think there's too much hype surrounding Modric. Granted he's technically gifted, and we lack someone with that creativity, but what did he do today?

      He doesn't pose enough of a goal threat for me, and is far too physically weak to be a United player.

      Give Anderson time to develop I say, he's got the lot.

      Also I have a feeling Fergie is holding out for the likes of Cleverley, Pogba and Morrison to break through. Next season I expect all three to get a few chances.

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      • what did modric do today? keep possesion & dicate the play.

        thats like does most of spains midfield actually do?

        the problem was harrys team selection. playing just crouch upfront means theres no 1 really to aim at.

        when we have someone like defoe upfront we are a different team with modric,vdv,bale & lennon playing balls through to his runs behind the defence.

        with just crouch upfront we are relying too much on runs from deep.

        & crouch isnt mobile enough to be a lone striker in my view.

        bales final ball was poor most of the time but to be honest he usually only had a static crouch to aim at.

        he creates a lot of chances for out & out strikers like defoe.

        bale was ok today not great.

        the fact he wasted crossing chances doesnt mean its ok that silva didnt stop the cross coming in.

    • i think Steve that Carrick had an outstanding second half when playing in front of and sometimes in our back line.The number of interceptions he made i lost count of.

    • I just think Rafael gives the impression of being reckless, even when he isn't. For the 1st booking, there was really no need to dive in, even if he did win the ball. For the 2nd one, I think there was a little contact, though the Spurs player dived. But he still needs to calm down.

      Bale is a 1 trick pony. He has poor feet and runs fast in straight lines. There are better pure left wingers about. One only has to see how Di Maria is faring at Madrid to see that.

      Modric really was excellent. Defended and attacked in equal measure. Dribbles, plays in tight spaces - he would fit into any team.

      We have to spend big on a pure creative central midfielder this summer. We should be beating Spurs comfortably, but they're stronger than us in central midfield, and we lack any authority in our play as a result.

    • bale in his pocket! what are u on eric.

      bale got past him & crosses in on numerous occasions.

      most of the time silva was so far out of position bale didnt even have to beat him. other utd players were having to cover.