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  • willthered willthered Jan 17, 2011 02:40 Flag

    Observations from the match

    i think Steve that Carrick had an outstanding second half when playing in front of and sometimes in our back line.The number of interceptions he made i lost count of.

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    • You are right Will, Carrick played well second half, he just needs the right partner for what he does/did to be appreciated by United fans.

      I can't understand why after 5 MOTM performances, Anderson spends 3 games on the bench? Bizarre.

      I'd rather see Carrick and Anderson than Fletcher and Anderson. Fletcher gives the ball away cheaply far more than Carrick, and is having a terrible season after two stormers.

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      • I agree that Carrick and Fletcher should never play together, neither offer anything creatively going forward through the middle. Anderson, while still a long way to go, since his return has shown very good signs of being able to take up that mantle of being the creative driving force through the middle. I think Fergie was right to leave him out for the previous 2 games, after 8 straight games, he started to look a little knackered, but he should have returned to the line-up today from the start.

        I agree to some extent with Stefans critiscm of Carrick in general, but I thought he played very well in the second half. He doesn't pass forward enough for me, and can be slack when put under pressure, but when playing in the defensive role in the middle, like the second half today, he does that very well, and made some timely interceptions.

      • do none of u not think berb is far too isolated up front?

        especially when rooney is rightly or wrongly all the way back in his own half for large parts of the game?

        stefan, i think u are being tough on bale. is a quality player & got in some good areas but he had an off day with his crossing.

        just crouch to aim at doesnt help either.

        he had a far better game then nani! who ekotto had in his pocket!

        nani was dragged off after an hr.

    • totally agree with carrick chris and will.
      not sure what game stefan watched 2nd half but he played a huge part 2nd half in keeping spurs at bay.
      some people have a perception of a player and stick to it, on this occasion stefan, you are either totally wrong, or a matchcast pundit