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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Jan 17, 2011 02:30 Flag

    Observations from the match

    I thought Rafael was excellent today, nothing wrong with his challenges, and had Bale in his pocket but for two incidences where the over rated Welsh man crossed tamely to VDS.

    Carrick and Fletcher were the only problem today, in so far as that they should NEVER play together!

    They both contain, intercept and press well enough, but offer no creativity, and when together, when pressed themselves, end up playing the ball back, EVERY time.

    Anderson should be starting every major game, what a difference he made when on the ball, looking to drive forward.

    Giggs is being overused. 90 minutes of football played at 100 mph, for a 37 year old? Its a bit of a no brainer. Can't wait for the power, pace and work rate of Valencia to return and compliment Rafael. Park is missed too.

    The game was there for the taking. I have always looked at Spurs as a poor copy of ourselves. Defensively they're poor still, offensively they have Crouch for f*cks sake, so as good as their midfield is, it still shouldn't be a problem. Even with 10 men we had a couple chances to nick it at the end. They barely tested VDS.

    All you have to do is look at how Berbatov couldn't get into the game. No support from midfield, and even Nani was having to track back to get the ball. Same thing happens whenever those two start in central midfield.

    Not good enough Fergie....

    ....but still much better than anyone else in the league. :)