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  • stefan t stefan t Jan 17, 2011 02:21 Flag

    Observations from the match

    1) Carrick is just plain poor. Making a few interceptions here and there isn't good enough. His much vaunted passing ability is average at best, and put under pressure, he is a joke, with slow, flapping feet. Modric was excellent today - showed that he is by far Spurs best asset, over the criminally overrated 1 trick pony Bale and even VDV, who is a slightly better version of Tim Cahill. We need a player like the little Croat at the heart of midfield.

    2) Rafael still needs to grow a brain. The decisions were contentious but he puts himself into these situations by not thinking clearly.

    3) Anderson and Fletcher should be 1st choice.

    4) Once the midfield is improved, our sterling attacking options will also improve by a good 15-20%. Nani was lost today because bloody Carrick can hardly move with the ball, and Fletcher was doing grunt work a lot of the time.

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    • something for you stefan.
      whilst this report disagrees with you about carricks performance today, it does ask the same question about what his role is like yourself

      Maybe I misunderstand the role Michael Carrick is supposed to play in our side. He mopped up effectively today, putting in a solid defensive performance and stopping the supremely talented Modric and Van der Vaart from causing too much trouble. But I thought he was supposed to be the creative one? With Ando, who loves getting forward, and Scholes, who can ping the ball all over the park, on the bench, you’d think that Carrick, playing alongside the more robust Fletcher, would be the attacking element in our central midfield. If he’s not, who is, and why are we playing 442 away from home without someone assigned to being our creativity outlet from the centre of the park?

    • lol stefan, not what i meant but point taken.
      if the carrick of pre barcelona returned i think 90% of us would be a lot happier

    • Hopefully 'elsewhere' would mean a mid-table team.

    • a more refined post sb, well done.

      i think when carrick stood in as a centre half when we had all our defence injured, fergie see some quality in him, and has used him, wrongly imo, as a dm,
      we needed someone to play the hargreaves role, and whilst not being brilliant, has done the job quite well considering its not his normal position.
      being a team player, he wont mope, but given the choice would rather play elsewhere,

    • carrick is a out and out DM now!

      i would be very worried if thats the case. he isnt the best tackler going & is very slow for a DM.

      i thought he was there more to dictate the play & make interceptions.

    • I think we're splitting hairs Stefan. We can agree to disagree on this, but ultimately what difference does it make?

      The fact remains, they're both sh*t played together in a two man midfield!

      Steve is probably right that Anderson was tired after a good run in the side, but the team needs him. Now Scholes is back, God knows what Fergie is going to do, but Im not overly optimistic!

    • carrick had a better game today than fletcher imo, thought ando was coming on for fletch as he was losing a lot of ball, more than carrick.

    • not at all.
      you were the 1 that had the dig not me.
      i was merely pointing out that you said it,
      i think you will find i criticised fletcher a few weeks ago and evans last year, so did not find it apt for you to say the real fans bit.
      look, you think carrick was crap, others, including myself, thought different.
      2nd half he was terrific in breaking up play and starting counter attacks, if thats a spoiler then there is hope for the likes of makalele and mascherano

    • While you think that being a real fan means lacking a mind of your own.

    • Giggs also, at the age of 37 ffs, has the ability to do something positive with the ball. Carrick isn't supposed to be a pure defensive midfielder, yet he distributes worse than many of those that are! Fletcher is better on the ball than Carrick - yes his passing goes awry at times, but at least he controls the ball a LOT better.

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