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  • sat-on-our-perch sat-on-our-perch Jan 17, 2011 03:30 Flag

    Le Prat™® - 'Rafael had Bale in his pocket'

    according to your logic topofthetree, defenders can make as many mistakes as they like as long as they dont lead to goals.

    where did i say that?

    and you said harry got his tactics wrong, its not me looking to do someones job but im sure you might get an award from harry for stating the obvious.
    had you won, it would have been the right decision, had he played your way and lost, you would have said the same, hindsight is wonderful, but it wont get you the job harry is doing so well in.

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    • by saying did bale make any assists or score?

      u are excusing silva mistakes.

      i dont think bale was that dominant but i thought he looked threatening & tormented silva at times.

      his final ball let him down which wasnt helped by just having crouch to aim at.

      harry is doing amazingly well. im more than happy with harry as manager but he is only human & does make mistakes.

      fergie is the best manager in england but he still regularly makes mistakes. playing giggs for 90mins today despite being poor for most of it. playing out of form carrick instead of anderson?

      all questionable.

      harry is a top manager & even if we dont finish in the top 4 i think it would be stupid to even discuss sacking him.

      my handsight wasnt just this game.

      its the crouch as the lone striker system iv disagreed with against the top teams. it seems to work until we play a good organised team. defoe gives us that someting extra.