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  • Eric Cantona Eric Cantona Jan 17, 2011 05:43 Flag

    Le Prat™® - 'Rafael had Bale in his pocket'

    Deeprick, if only you knew what you were talking about, people might listen to you.

    Look at Bale's contribution here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/chalkboards for the match.

    Bale made 40 passes of which 14 were unsuccessful. Of these 14 failures, 9 were attempts into United's area. Bale made ONE, just ONE, successful pass into United's area.

    So as an attacking force Bale was pretty pathetic.

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    • Thank you Eric!

      Just goes to show I WAS watching the actual game, and Spurstw@t and Deepr*ck were just making up sh*t that never happened!

      See my quote earlier for confirmation....

      'Spot on Lynden, I think only ONE Bale cross actually was met by a Spurs player!'

      Like I told you, Bale did f*ck all really. Just a lot of huffing and puffing that sounded exciting with the Spurs fans going nuts every time he touched the ball. Completely over-hyped as a player, in Rafaels pocket!

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      • u keep telling yourself that!

        u still arent getting it are u.

        its the last time i will explain it to u.

        whether or not bale played well or his crosses/passes etc were succesful is irrelevant to the the fact silva allowed him to make so many crosses & passes.

        no one is sayin bale played well or his crossing was good.

        the fact when he got into those positions because either he had got passed silva or silva was out of position means silva wasnt doing his job.

        i dont think any neutral would say he had bale in his pocket.

        it only took him 10 secs for him to easily get a cross in.

        i guess u are use to gary neville now, so your RB standards have dropped!