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  • The Well Hung Cowboy The Well Hung Cowboy Jan 22, 2011 20:35 Flag

    Is SAF scared to drop Rooney?

    Is SAF scared to drop Rooney for some reason?

    There's no way he has earned his place in the team when Hernandez has to warm the bench.

    The best way to get his form back is a stint in the reserves.

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    • What I'm saying is that throwing points away against Fulham, Everton and WBA has more to do with it than not scoring goals.

      Most people would settle for a draw at Spurs or City.

    • 'So what you're saying Eric is that drawing 0-0 against Spurs, Citeh and Sunderland had nothing to do with a failure to score goals?' Well, it could be that United were playing away. There's no shame in not letting Spurs and City score a goal .

    • It's a mixture of both for me. Goalscoring was a problem in those games, but in 4 of them, we scored 2 or more goals, and it was a weakness through the middle and an ability to hold onto a lead that's been as much an issue away from home.
      The whole team hasn't performed well enough away from home, not just Rooney. I think his level of performance has improved a lot in recent games, his overall contribution to the team has still been very good, he played a key part in 3 of the goals yesterday. I'm fairly confident the goals will come for him again soon.

      Hernandez has settled in excellently though, but I think Rooney influences the team more. I would also be interested to see how it would work shifting Rooney back to the centre with Chicha and Berba up top for a game. I agree with the idea of considering Rooney to effectively be the replacement for Scholes

    • It is idiotic to consider dropping Rooney, and anyone who think so have not watched him play lately. He may not be scoring goals like he did last year, but his play contributes greatly to the team success on the field every time his on the pitch. ManU has not lost a game with Rooney playing so far this season. Why change now? What is there to fix if it isn't broken. In fact, I am enjoying watching Rooney playing this season more because he is becoming a true complete team player. His hustle, tenacity and unselfish play on the pitch make other players better.

    • Of course old red nose won't drop Rooney. The granny prostitute shagger had the club over a barrel a few months ago with his exorbitant wage demands. As the club gave into it they have a player who couldn't give a toss for ManUre and that is reflected in his performances. He's laughing though as your cash strapped club can't afford to drop someone on 250k.
      The only reason Shrek stayed was for huge wages. He's been laughing at you lot ever since and still you idolise this pampered twat. What a bunch of thickos you are!

    • You're awfully defensive Pixie! Feeling guilty much?!

      The problem is, you've been caught being racist with so many ID's, no ones interested in your lies anymore. You're a bit like the boy who cried wolf now...

      ....Most Amusing INDEED, Naturally (etc etc!)

      PMSL!!! (Here fishy fishy...)

    • Well with days like today Rooney wont score if selfish Nani is playing.
      Nani may have finally scored but he had loads of shots off target when there were chances to set up Rooney, Owen or Berbatov.
      I hope Fergie gives Nani a real roasting about his selfish play, its a Utd team not a Nani team.

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      • Err would this selfish player be the same Nani who set up what should have been a sitter for Rooney only for him to miss.Its easy watching, listening or reading about a game and saying a player should have done this or should have done that but they have just seconds to decide what to do. The fact is utd din`t need to get out of bottom gear to crush birmingham 5-0 and Nani played his part in their easy win.

    • Sadly I feel we may have seen the best of our favourite granny shagger.

      Hernandez and Berba have both earnt a place over him this season,

      I'm not sure he'll ever really recover from his dummy spitting episode last year, when he was exposed for being a tool.

      If Citeh paid £27 for Dzeko, how much would they give for Rooney? it has to be worth considering, he's spent!