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  • Steve Steve Jan 26, 2011 05:41 Flag

    A game of two halves!!

    Pathetic first half performance, Fergie getting the tactics and a couple of team selections wrong for me. I hate the 4-3-3/4-5-1 formation, and it was wrong again. Rooney is no left sided player. Full credit to Blackpool who fully deserved their half time lead.

    I said before the game that the bench looked strong with plenty of options, and its Giggs and Hernandez coming off it that turned this game around. Giggs man of the match for me. He ran them ragged down the left. Stunning to think he's 37, a true legend.

    Hernandez's pace also made a great difference running in behind, and he could really have had more than one goal. I didn't agree with calls to drop Rooney for him quite yet in the past, but their respective performances tonight have called for it now. He deserves his chance.

    Also Berbatov worked his socks of again and his winning goal was great. What a different player he looks this season, kudos to him.

    We were very lucky tonight that Blackpool didn't have the fitness level to match their effort though. Delighted with the result and response in the end, but it still only papers over the cracks of what was another poor away performance for the most part.

    Disappointed that Rafael will likely be out for 2-3 weeks, glad it looks to be nothing more serious than concussion for the lad.

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    • Indeed a game of two halves Steve.I almost went to bed due to frustrations during the first half. Glad i didn't.I think we could have kiiled the game first half if it were AGAIN! not for Mr Fergie's unbelievable starting line up. I honestly don't know why any coach would reshuffle a winning team. I don't recall which game, but i think he played in almost the same formation and only when he brought in Ando and Hernendez and i don't recall who else did we salvage a draw? Gibson was again out of position last night. Our midfield was ripped apart by Balckpool and we played with one winger...Nani.I have a feeling that this formation that Fergie tries did not Blackpool last night but it may Backfire some day. All in all, it was a huge relief after the game. Pity about what happened to Rafa but hope he will back soon as i think besides the claimed penalty challenge, he did very well.

    • Yes..Got away with it again..but for how long.

      2-0 down...to a tiring team...wont always work.

      This is what happens when you dont strengthen your midfield...Fergie.

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      • it will work in england because of the low standards this season BUT will u get away with it in the champions league?

        u will have to improve if u want to win it.

        iv said all season utd will win the league & id be very shocked if u dont win it by at least 10pts.

        arsenal look like ur only threat but they still have their usual problems.

        city are always improving but still not quite their yet & chelsea are on the decline unless they invest heavily.

    • Who would have thought at the start of the season that utd`s and the premiership`s leading goalscorer would be Berbatov. That`s 19 so far, 5 more than Tevez the player abus have tended to compare him with.