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  • Clive Clive Feb 1, 2011 08:22 Flag

    Once again we spend nothing.

    So many believe the lies that we can compete with City and Chelsea on the transfers issues, but once again they can spend money to seriously make there squads stronger, while we spend nothing.
    Everyone in football, execpt a few muppets on here, know that Utd are in trouble, weak squad, even as the last game showed and no money to spend.

    It would be much better for the future of Man Utd for us to finish between the 7th and 12 position this season, maybe then something would be done, maybe those at Utd would wake up to the fact that things are not any where as good as they are telling us.
    Liverpool and Villa have spend millions, even Blackpool have spent money; while City have spent a fortune and Chelsea 75 million, all while Utd sleep.
    Many will say there were no good players available or the prices too high, but they are talking crap, just trying to paper over the cracks again.
    Of course I want Utd winning things, but not if it creates a false image of where we are, as the fall of Liverpool is a harse warning to us all, and of course they have muppets on their message board for the last few years as well as us, saying that everything was ok and Liverpool were on their way back up and would win the league that season, maybe the muppets should have gone to specsavers.

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    • clive given the way the squad are shaping, I can see good reason for not buying in january, It appears certain players have taken a step forward and accessment of how that progresses, makes good common sense.though i am hoping he signs big in summer to cement the progress achieved this season and a clear out of the likes of gibson, at least obertan has decided to go thank lord

    • I don`t give a damn what city and chelsea spend in the transfer market - worrying about keeping up with the Jones` is for small clubs. Utd are currently ahead of both city and chelsea where it really matters - in the league table.SAF knows where he has to strengthen and I`m sure that in the summer he will bring in the players he wants.

    • We're top, 5 points ahead of the French club, 10 points ahead of The Sugar Daddy club, the transfer window closed, the best player in Britain back scoring goals, and still 'clive' is moaning. Maybe we should demand that every single player in the world with two feet sign for United, just to piss 'clive' off again.

    • Money might talk but other factors talk as well - such as climate, culture and family.

    • What do you not understand Clive? At least 1 of the management or the player have to want a parting of ways. The best players at top Latin clubs would not want to come to rainy old Manchester. The only ones who have have been Balotelli (who Inter wanted rid of) and Silva (who was at a cash strapped Valencia).

    • It does not work like that and you should know that stefan.

      Players dont stick with teams like they used to, offer the money and they leave, money talks, better than anything with players these days, and thats where the problem is with Utd now and where those at Utd have been lying to us all, saying we have money to spend and can compete with the big clubs in the transfer market, if we can compete then we can buy the best players from the best clubs; any of those I named would be sold for the right price and would be worth paying that price for them, if we have money to spend that is.

    • Lol a tenth of what Liverpool paid for Carroll on an established Dutch international, who is very talented, young, versatile and a good athlete. Good business.

    • I agree he's a good player and looks like he would suit the Prem, he just wouldn't be my top priority. I agree a transfer could be likely though.

      Agree on Afellay, Barca have got a massive bargain at what, was it £3.5mil? Very cheap for a player of his ability and potential.

    • Great minds eh Jim!

    • Curiously he is referred to as a 'middle winger', which I think means he does the sort of things a winger does, ie dribble and beat players, but often from a central position. I watched him recently against Juve and besides getting sent off, he had an excellent game, quick, decisive passing, a real threat, and from what we would refer to as a central attacking midfield position. He might be small, but tough.
      I agree with Levy he is a more likely overseas purchase.

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