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  • JayKay Jay JayKay Jay Feb 6, 2011 19:52 Flag

    Yet another pathetic away performance

    Pathetic and another frustrating performance. I will attribute the loss to the mid-field. People will say that the whole team played badly, which is true but this was due to the fact that MF was completely lost! I saw the second half and fact that Evra, Giggs,Nani and even Rafael were at one time in the middle of the field explains that the MF was dead. In my opinion, the whole MF should be let go. And i know i may get some stick from some , but Fletcher,Carrick,Gibson aren't the quality we need. A lot of people have been hard on Anderson but in most of the games we struggled this season, he either wasn't played or subbed, and most of our woes came from the mid-field. I don't understand his benching to be honest and the coach should have seen the effect of this already. With due respect to Wolves but i still don't believe that we gave them the three points.From this performance, tough games ahead of us.