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  • Outside of his obvious desire to leave liverpool and utd`s need to replace VDS there is nothing linking him with a move to OT. His comments could just as well apply to arsenal - who need a new keeper, are challenging for the title and look set to qualify for next season`s CL. Indeed his comments could apply to any European team who meets those three criteria. Between now and the summer utd are going to be linked with a number of keepers and personally I doubt if Reina is top of the club`s wish list.

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    • There is a lot of evidence linking United to Reina, and this has been consistently reported in United 'zines for a long time. The 'zines have close contacts at the club and generally flag things up several months before the national media get a sniff of a story.

      Reina's buy-out clause is supposedly £20M, which even the skinflint Glazers can afford. It is VERY likely that Reina will come to United in the summer.

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      • This story has certainly been knocking around for ages, he's clearly not happy anymore and isn't denying a United move, which in itself says a lot given the circumstances. But like others here Im not keen, he flaps too much for my liking. On the other hand he's got the right mentality/charisma/presence for a big club.

        It all depends on how this season goes. No CL football and no sign of breaking into the top 4 in the near future should do it, but Dalglish may just turn things around.