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    I've defended Anderson consistently over the last few years, but he played well for about a month and a half to get his new contract, and is back to being frustrating again. His attitude is poor.

    The fullbacks have looked good, but Obertan and Bebe have left something to be desired.

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    • Agree with one of the posters above. I thnk Ando did very well and lately, i have been impressed with his improvement and contribution. did you guys notice how the game changed when he came off? it didn't change for the better. Alot has been said about Obertan but maybe i can add a word or two, and that's just my honest opinion. This kid has got some real talent. He seem to play well on the left wing and his pace is something we don't have on that side of the wing. We have? Giggs, who at the moment is getting old. Firt half he made some decent runs and that shot was unmistakable one of his best contribution.Our game changed completely when Ando got off, when the Da silva brothers got off as well. We wouldn't have complained during the first half would we? No goals, but the youngsters did a great job. I think Obby is one of the players that has some Nani like attributes, can frustrate you a minute or two, but then produce one of those brilliant moments. A lot has been said to others who also left withought getting second chances and look how they've been doing at other clubs. Just to mention a few, who i still enjoy watching them play. Forlan, Richardson,Eagles etc. They may not be great where they are, but they are a talent that we do miss right now. That's my humble opinion. Mid field is our major problem and this is the area Fergie needs to address. If Mid is dead, the effect spreads all around the other positions too. Carrick, in my opinion was the weakest link in the midfield, and before we blame Obby and Bebe, the team did not balance well as a result of the substitution. As for Bebe, i can't really say much. He IS still very raw and it looks that he's going to take long to adapt to ELP environment especially that he doesn't really get a lot of first team exposure. by the way, isn't he a striker? or a supporting? Could be he's not position where he should. I didn't see the pace that i say the first few games he played so if he's been doing well in the reserves (which i don't get to see a lot), judging him from this one game, where in my opinion a lot of people were poor, including big names Rooney and Carrick is a little bit unfair. Everybody was poor in the second half.

    • Good post Steve, amongst quite a lot of laughable ones, but I'd expect nothing less of the majority of United 'fans' here.

      How many times have we been here before with young players who get starved of games and are deemed not good enough?

      Most people wanted Nani out the Xmas before last, and yet he hadn't been given a decent run in the side. H'es only started to show signs of improvement since (surprise surprise) he's started getting a consistant run of games!

      Anderson hasn't had a proper run for a good year, but 6 on the bounce recently and he looks like the player we thought we'd signed.....but its just 6 games, give him a f*cking chance before writing him off after a couple mediocre ones!?

      Some of Obertans performances this season (a whopping 7) have been the worst I've ever seen from a United player, but of course he's not the worst player we've seen at Old Trafford - not by a LONG shot.

      He has bags of potential, but lacking the mental strength for this stage, much like Ben Foster. Laurent Blanc looks to be right, he should have stuck with Bordeaux a couple seasons before moving, but still, so harsh to judge a player who only plays in games amongst other players who never play for the first team.

      And yet we expect a completely changed XI to click right away - like that EVER happens?!

      Bebe is 20, rough around the egdes sure, but seriously, JUST 20 years old, playing in a very different league...i.e. a top flight one! Im sure Queiroz and Mourinho are stupid also for rating him? The reality is, all the hype over his price tag has made it twice as hard for him to succeed, but its ridiculous to judge him after just THREE starts this season!

      Im sorry, but you've just got to laugh at some of the posters here!

      There is no doubt in my mind that I will be ramming some of this rubbish down some of these fickle pr*cks throats in a couple years!

      Im looking forward to Cleverly being involved next season, I suspect that will signal the end of Gibsons United career. If Gibson worked on his fitness/work rate, he might turn into a decent goal scoring attacking midfielder, and we could do with one of those.

      McCarthy was spot on, Gibson's a lazy b@stard...but hey, hows 'Lazytov' doing these days?!

    • He played twice. And the Wiki extract shows he wasn't as bad as people make out; just unlucky.

      "Prunier was hastily drafted into the first team even though Ferguson had originally intended to use him in reserve team matches only during his trial.

      Prunier made his Manchester United debut against Queens Park Rangers on 30 Dec 1995 partnering Gary Neville in defence. He generally impressed in the match helping set up a goal for Andy Cole and hitting a powerful shot against the bar. His second game against Tottenham Hotspur on 1 Jan 1996, however, was a disaster for him and the club. With Peter Schmeichel injured in the warm-up and Denis Irwin also unavailable, he was part of a makeshift defence which conceded 4 goals in a humiliating loss. Prunier has ever since been made something of a scapegoat for the defeat."

    • Thats the beauty of an opinion Devon. Many tend to be different.

      I saw all of said players, from the stands as well not from my armchair.....

      And, in MY opinion, Obertan is worse than any of them, although very similar to Bellion i.e. he can run fast, and thats it!

    • Yeah but he was only on loan for a few weeks i think, as emergency cover at the back, and thrown right in at the deep end straight away.

      Hard to judge him as only had 2/3 games i think.

    • William Prunier or what ever they called him was worst ever.

    • Not forgetting Djemba (so shit shit they named him twice) Djemba.
      What about Ralph Milne from the 80's, we was terrible.

    • Thats fair enough Ian. I actually don't think he's that bad a player, I just don't see a place for him with Rooney, Berba, Hernandez, Welbeck and Macheda if they both returned. I think its likely he'll stay at Blackburn

    • If Obertan is the worse player you have ever seen play for utd then all I can say is that you never saw David Bellion play - or for that matter the likes of Liam Miller and Kleberson.

    • Sorry steve, I'd give Diouf more time.

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