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  • JayKay Jay JayKay Jay Feb 23, 2011 18:31 Flag


    I appreciate your comment Psyco. The only thing that i said in summary is that any good player needs lots of play time to really prove his worth. Any good player can flop,despite daily play time so what about Obby. How many games has he started? or how many has he played,let alone starting? 15 appearances this season in total and 7 of them as subs in my opinion isn't enough to really write this lad off. What am trying to say is lots of us seem to forget that the whole team was crap on that night, hence my mention of Rooney as an example. Now compare his overall season involvement and that of Carrick for example. And yes, i will keep on pointing at Carrick because personally i think the mid field, after the sub of Anderson (who a lot of people thrush him) got completelt overrun. Infact, as optimistic as i am for the game tonight, my worry is again in the middle of the park.I just hope we pull this one away from home.

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