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  • Layla Layla Mar 2, 2011 19:12 Flag

    We wuz robbed

    on balance i think a draw was fair.

    luiz should have been off but then so should have vidic before he got his 2nd yellow.

    i think it big matches some refs wrongly give players a 2nd chance if they are already on a yellow. for example they need to commit 3 yellow card offences before getting 2 yellows & a red.

    poll is a good example back in the day for arsenal v utd matches when they were both battling for the title.

    there would have been about 3 or 4 reds everytime they met if he had givent the correct decisions.

    i understand its all part of taking the importance of the game into refs decisions but this unfair as in a wigan v blackpool game someone will get 2 yellows & no extra chance.

    i dont know how utd fans, fergie & phelan can complain after what rooney did at the wkend & then he goes & scores in a game he shouldnt be allowed to play in!

    also 1 of the late challenges from luiz was on rooney who shouldnt have been playing.

    i think it would have been a harsh handball on JT.

    dont forget i wanted utd to win for tottenhams sake.

    id feel hard done by that luiz wasnt sent off if i were a utd fan BUT u couldnt really complain after what rooney did at the wkend & in this game he should have been banned for.

    how can fergie come out & moan about the ref yet say at the wkend that there was nothing in rooneys challenge?!

    how can phelan complain after saying at the weekend that the refs decision on the pitch should always stand!

    i dont know why fans especially utd fans find it so hard to be a little bit objective.

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    • Fair post for the most part.
      I don't think giving handball against Terry would have been the wrong decision, he moved his body towards the ball, but it would be very hard to spot at full speed in a game. Its different for us and the pundits with the benefit of replays and slow motion.

      Luiz should have recieved a second yellow either for his challenge on Hernandez, Rooney or both combined. Lucky there.

      I thought Vidic would go for shoving Drogba a couple of minutes before he did walk, but didn't see anything else warranting a booking.

      I personally didn't think it was a penalty either, Smalling made a good challenge and then stood still as Zhirkov took advantage. Most players would do the same and we've won plenty similar penalties in the past.

      Decisions went against us, but on the balance of the play I thought Chelsea were the better team. I was happy with our first half display, but Chelsea took full control in the second. I expected we'd lose again this season, and probably will again between now and May. I can live with last nights result aslong as we beat the scousers on Sunday!

      Also, it must be said that while this gives Arsenal a great chance to close the gap, there is no guarantee they will win their game in hand.

    • "i dont know why fans especially utd fans find it so hard to be a little bit objective" ? Since when have you written an objective post about United spursbint ?

    • Very good point about Phelans comments. I havent heard what he said last night but I heard him on Saturday say that what the ref says goes.

      If he has come out and complained tonight, he just looks like a pratt! Managers and coaches etc sometimes make contradictory statements seasons apart but to do it to yourself in less than a week is just stupid!!

      Good point about the yellows too. I didnt see Vidic do much personally to get a second yellow until he fouled Drogba, but he should have been sent off for that before the Ramires foul.

      But I will say that Rooney probably would have played even if he had been banned from the weekend. United would have just appealed it to delay the ban from starting until the weekend, its a common trick with the big clubs.

      Does last night prove that we dont bribe the FA? Or did the brown envelope just get lost in the post?? Like the Glazers can afford that!! F*cking Royal Mail!!!!