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  • Steve Steve Mar 2, 2011 20:34 Flag

    We wuz robbed

    Fair post for the most part.
    I don't think giving handball against Terry would have been the wrong decision, he moved his body towards the ball, but it would be very hard to spot at full speed in a game. Its different for us and the pundits with the benefit of replays and slow motion.

    Luiz should have recieved a second yellow either for his challenge on Hernandez, Rooney or both combined. Lucky there.

    I thought Vidic would go for shoving Drogba a couple of minutes before he did walk, but didn't see anything else warranting a booking.

    I personally didn't think it was a penalty either, Smalling made a good challenge and then stood still as Zhirkov took advantage. Most players would do the same and we've won plenty similar penalties in the past.

    Decisions went against us, but on the balance of the play I thought Chelsea were the better team. I was happy with our first half display, but Chelsea took full control in the second. I expected we'd lose again this season, and probably will again between now and May. I can live with last nights result aslong as we beat the scousers on Sunday!

    Also, it must be said that while this gives Arsenal a great chance to close the gap, there is no guarantee they will win their game in hand.

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